Raúl Jiménez’s heartbreaking message now that he would drop out of the Qatar World Cup

Raúl Jiménez's emotional message after his injury
Raúl Jiménez’s emotional message after his injury

When Gerardo Martino’s process started towards the 2022 Qatar World Cup, the distinguished striker of the Mexican National Team was Raúl Jiménez, who had the confidence of the Argentine to command the Mexican attack. Now he could stay out of the World Cup after an injury.

Raúl Jiménez Apparently he has a curve towards it that would prevent him from carrying out physical activity normally and therefore he would miss the Qatar 2022 World Cup Although there is a slight hope that with treatment he can arrive.

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The Mexican player had commented that he does not feel quite well and that if he does not make it he would get off the World Cup event on social networks, the player received support even from his family who posted an emotional message that makes one think that the injury was more serious than what was expected.

What message did Raúl Jiménez leave on networks?

Raúl Jiménez’s wife Daniela Basso leaves an enigmatic message on social networks stating that Raúl Jiménez’s injury is not the end of the world and that no matter what happens, he will have the support of his family, anticipating that he could be left without the World Cup.

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