Issa Vegas in the nature of her beauty poses from behind

Raising the temperature of social networks, the flirt model Issa Vegas was leaving netizens breathless by showing off on the aphrodisiac beaches of Tulum, the hot weather and the beauty of nature were the perfect excuses to show off her perfection in a tiny beach outfit.

The instagram influencer The 26-year-old was opening the trunk of memories of her most recent vacations, because in the middle of the year, she was going through a complicated stage in which she was in very delicate health that kept her away from her platforms for a while.

Covid, Influenza and losing around seven kilos, she decided to take a break, so together with her husband, with whom she has been married for a year and five years of relationship, they went to the beautiful beaches of Mexico, to Tulum being more specific , to enjoy the sun, the beach, as well as the place.

The more than nine million followers know perfectly well that when all these events come together that means that issa vegas you will be showing off in daring beach suits that with only a few photographs and in dazzling poses you will be starting the engines of the internet.

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Flirty videos and incredible images came out of those vacations, but apparently not all the content has been shared on the fitness blogger’s Instagram feed, so now she fell in love with her audience by showing her beach outfit from other angles.

“The queen of the jungle!” They were some of the nicknames that netizens left him in the comments section of his coquettish publication, because in the background the beauty of nature played a very important role in the artistic image that is available on his Instagram account.

Issa Vegas in the nature of her beauty poses from behind | instagram: issavegas

In three different photos, three different angles, issa vegas She did not want to save a single corner for herself, that caused the emotion of the faithful fans, since she likes to pamper them by posing from her best angles, making them sweat with emotion.

BY CLICKING HERE you can enjoy the photo session.

Remembering the past made the followers excited because it made them understand that there is still a lot of content that has not been published and to enjoy, an example is when the model traveled to Miami to bring them new surprises on the paid platforms.

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