“hurricane season is no exception, they will be repatriated”

The Joint Homeland Security Task Force-Southeast has posted a message warning migrants about attempts to take to the sea in search of reaching the United States.

“Anyone attempting to enter the US illegally by sea will be intercepted and repatriated; Hurricane season is no exception. they tweeted. The message has been shared by the Coast Guard (USCG).

On September 22, the crew of the Paul Clark Coast Guard repatriated 46 Cubans to Cuba.

“The USCG and partner agencies are doubling down on patrols to ensure the death toll does not rise as more life-threatening storms develop,” said Capt. Kinsey.

According to the data reported by this institution, Since October 1, 2021, Coast Guard crews have intercepted 6,032 Cubans. The number already exceeded that of fiscal year 2016.

The message is clear: those who try to enter the United States through this route will be repatriated.

The opposite is happening with the Cubans who arrive at the borders. Nearly 200 thousand have achieved it since last October.

This week President Joe Biden stated that he remains “attentive now to Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.”

However, he assured that “the possibility of sending them back is not rational. We work with Mexico and other countries to stop the flow.”

The Cubans appreciated the president’s words. The publication of our page on the subject accumulates about 2,500 reactions, the vast majority positive to his statements.

The Cuban government, however, did not take “the detail” very well. The Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carlos Fernández de Cossío, pointed out that “the US tendency to accept Cubans who arrive at its borders and the five years of non-compliance with migratory agreements” are two of the causes of the massive emigration of Cubans.

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