Meghan Markle threatened to leave Harry if he didn’t say they were dating

Meghan Markle and the prince harry They met on a blind date orchestrated by a mutual acquaintance in 2016. According to her version, the American actress did not know much about Harry, she assured in an interview with the BBC in 2017, the year they announced their engagement.

“The only thing I asked my friend when she said she wanted to introduce us was, ‘Is it nice?’ If it’s not, it doesn’t make sense,” the actress said.

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The crush occurred at first sight and a few months later, in 2017, the prince was already sure that Meghan was the woman of his life, so the presentation to all the media was imminent.

Although this story could seem worthy of a fairy tale, apparently, it was not.

meghan markle prince harry engagement

(Meghan Markle and Prince Harry the day they announced their engagement / AFP)

Valentine Low, correspondent for The London Times and author of the book “Courtiers: the Hidden Power Behind the Crown”, reveals that the prince introduced Meghan as his girlfriend as a response to the pressure she put on him, as she had threatened him with leave it if it didn’t. The work goes on sale next October.

“Meghan, meanwhile, told him that if he didn’t do something about it, she would break off the relationship,” the book reads. “A source commented: ‘She said, ‘If you don’t release a statement confirming I’m your girlfriend, I’m going to break up with you,’ and Harry panicked.”

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(Meghan Markle on April 18, 2017 / AFP)

Once Meghan Markle issued that warning that put Harry between a rock and a hard place, the prince contacted the secretary of Kensington Palace to announce that he was ready to present the actress as his girlfriend to all the media.

“Harry called Knauf and demanded that he release a statement confirming that Meghan was his girlfriend and condemning the racist and sexist overtones in some of the media,” the play reads. “Meghan wanted public validation that this was a serious relationship. She was convinced that the palace was unwilling to protect her from media intrusion.”

It was then, apparently, that Prince Harry understood that he had to protect Meghan Markle from everything, always.

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