Jennifer Lopez | JLo reappears after her honeymoon with a worrying physical appearance: “Stressed, irritable and distant”

Jennifer Lopez She has returned to her work routine after several weeks of honeymoon with her husband Ben Affleck. The actress and singer was captured by paparazzi cameras on the film set of her new movie called ‘Atlas‘, but his physical appearance has worried his followers.

And it is that JLo caught the eye while being transported in a golf cart between locations and could be seen with a tired countenance, even putting his head in his hands for a moment and closing his eyes, which suggests that he is not having a good time in his new stage.

JLo, in a marital crisis

A source revealed when porting X17Online Video that the ‘Bronx Diva’ is “stressed, irritable and distant” due to the marital crisis she is going through with her husband, so she has not been able to rest properly.

In addition, in the recordings she asks for time to be alone and to be able to address the emotional situation she is going through in the best way and try to avoid the stress in which she is subjected between the work routine and her marriage.

For his part, Ben Affleck is also in a delicate situation due to his wife’s health, but he is doing everything on his part to get out of the situation and have a prompt solution to the problems that afflict them, mainly motivated by great love that has the Puerto Rican.

The reason for the marital crisis of JLo and Ben Affleck

They ensure that the marriage of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck It is not going smoothly and the celebrities would be going through their first crisis, just a month after swearing eternal love in front of family and friends in Georgia, United States.

According to a source close to the couple for the Heatworld medium, JLo and Ben have begun to have problems due to the actor’s sudden change of mood, which has worried La Diva del Bronx, who fears that Affleck “is getting tired” of she.

Though Jennifer has described her wedding to the Hollywood heartthrob as “the wildest of dreams,” ever since the couple tied the knot, the ‘Batman v Superman’ actor has been caught in a bad mood on several occasions.

An agreement to avoid infidelities

The singer is terrified that Ben will get bored of her and after revealing this information, Jennifer López and Ben Affleck reached an agreement to avoid infidelity, which will make both actors think things through before cheating.

If either of them becomes unfaithful, they must pay a fine of five million dollars. In addition, it is rumored that this agreement will help the couple to move away from the crisis they have been going through in recent weeks.

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