Fernando Ponte is already a member of the Royal Academy of Medicine

Yesterday, the headquarters of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Galicia hosted the Solemn public reception session, as full academician of the Chair of the History of Medicine, of the elected dr. Fernando Julio Ponte Hernando. Participating in the act were Alberto Juffé Stein, general secretary who read the election act; Fernando Ponte himself, who delivered the reception speech, entitled: Medical and humanistic thought of Domingo García Sabell; Jorge Teijeiro Vidal, permanent academic of Radiology, who answered the speech on behalf of the Regia Corporación; and Francisco Martelo Villar, president of the Galician Royal Academy of Medicine, who greeted the new academic.

During his speech, Fernando Ponte exposed several notable quotations from García Sabell, among which we could highlight the following: “If a Castilian patient is asked, what happens to him? he will say: ‘my stomach hurts, and it hurts after I eat, and it hurts more if I eat spicy food’. If we ask a Galician patient the same thing, he will tell us: “Well, it’s like my stomach hurts, because what happens is that the food doesn’t cook in my stomach, and when it doesn’t cook it seems that I feel’ . In other words, instead of giving the real symptom right away, it gives an interpretation of the symptom… This is very important, because many times when it comes to non-organic patients, with a large psychosomatic component, what these patients are looking for in the doctor is rather that he confirms his theory”.

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