The miraculous rescue in Tham Luang cave

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thirteen lives

thirteen lives is a survival drama based on true events that is directed by Ron Howard (Rush, Hillbilly, a rural elegy). The script is in charge of William Nicholson (Les Miserables, Shadowlands), with the collaboration in the history of Don MacPherson (Killer Hunt, The Avengers). The plot shows us the miraculous rescue in the Thai cave of Tham Luang of a children’s soccer team that was trapped in the mountain when storms flooded the entrance. It is starring Colin Farrell (batman, after-yang), Viggo Mortensen (Crimes of the Future, Green Book), Joel Edgerton (The Green Knight, Red Sparrow), Tom Bateman (behind his eyesfunny woman), Lewis Fitzgerald, Sahajak Boonthanakit, Vithaya Pansringarm, Paul Gleeson Y Pattrakorn Tungsupakul. The film has been released in Spain directly on the platform of Amazon Prime Video on August 5, 2022.

In the belly of the Sleeping Lady

In the year 2018, on June 23, a group of 12 boys between the ages of 11 and 17, who were part of a local soccer team called “Wild Boars”, were trapped together with their 25-year-old coach in the Thai cave of Tham Luang Nang No. That place is known as the “Great Cave of the Sleeping Lady” because of the shape it has when seen from afar, and it is home to the legend of a princess who committed suicide there after becoming pregnant and being murdered her lover. The blood and tears of the princess are said to be the water that flows through the rocks to a nearby stream.

When the torrential rains caused by the Monsoon, quite common in the area, unexpectedly came early, the boys who were on an excursion celebrating the birthday of one of them, were trapped in a small cavity of the cave called Pattaya Beach without being able to return to the entrance to the cave. all rooms flooded with water. It took 17 days and more than 5,000 people from all over the world to complete a tremendously difficult rescue due to the narrowness and length of the cave, which forced the rescuers to spend about 7 hours diving underwater until they reached the area. where the kids were who, in turn, had increasingly precarious health conditions.

The Hollywood Craftsman, Ron Howardalways capable of the best and the best, in thirteen lives takes on the challenge of bringing this true story of overcoming to the screen with great respect for the realism of what happened, managing to convey to the viewer the constant feeling of suffocation and claustrophobia that must have been experienced inside the cave.

Flesh and bone superheroes

thirteen lives is the detailed chronicle of everything that happened, focusing primarily on British rescuers Rick Stanton (Viggo Mortensen) and John Volanthen (Colin Farrell), who were the first to find the location where the boys were, with the later addition to the team of cavers Jason Mallinson (Paul Gleeson), Chris Jewel (Tom Bateman) and physician anesthetist Richard “Harry” Harris (Joel Edgerton).

Small pills of the complicated coordination of all the sectors involved, local and foreign, are included, as well as a general vision of the desperate situation that the relatives of the children went through without having sufficient information about what was happening inside the cave. We will also see how the survival of minors was managed through teamwork with their coach, a former Buddhist monk who helped them during confinement using meditation. But still, the main point of view of the film is that of the British rescuers turned into flesh and blood superheroes.

The diversification of the action does not leave much room to delve into the psychology of the characters, despite having 142 minutes, but it is possible to characterize all of them with enough personality based on slight details to define them, especially the characters played with tremendous credit for Colin Farrell, Viggo Mortensen Y Joel Edgerton. One could criticize the little stage presence of the Thai rescuers, but I see it more as a dramatic choice necessary to not divert attention in too many parallel subplots. In general, everything is very well studied and Howard gets a great survival movie that years ago would have been a box office hit and that, however, in this 2022 has been released in Spain directly on the Amazon platform for home consumption, a week after going through theaters in the United States .

The mystique of human overcoming

thirteen lives It is exciting without delving into the sentimental, a sincere human epic that highlights the values ​​of solidarity, empathy and hope as the staging of a collective miraculous act to save lives. It may not be the type of cinema that is fashionable, I don’t understand trends, but I’m sure that if you give it a chance it will catch you by the story and in several moments it will make your heart shrink. The 142 minutes are never an obstacle, the film has a leisurely pace according to the passing of the days of these trapped children while the emergency teams try to find a viable solution to the rescue. Everything is balanced, it works like a Swiss clock, perfectly measuring the need to focus on the human aspect, but without ever losing sight of the search for the spectacle of cinema as mass entertainment.

Howard It does not make the mistake of amplifying the facts or dealing with tearful scenes, the rescue is in itself so amazing that it does not require emotional additives to keep us on the lookout and dominated by latent tension. It happens, especially, during the terrifying dives through the narrow recesses of poor visibility of a cave full of stalactites that resembles the bowels of the very underworld. thirteen lives is a powerful drama about the mystique of man overcoming adversity, embodied by those divers who risked their lives and, of course, by those children who knew how to control their emotions while they waited to be rescued. A film for the whole family, like those made before, to enjoy and suffer from beginning to end, even knowing in advance the outcome of the story.

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thirteen lives

thirteen lives

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