The hottest pose of Kourtney Kardashian and Megan Fox

08/02/2022 at 19:04


Kourtney straddles Megan for this pose

The photograph takes place in a bathroom

The new “hot” snapshot of both celebrities has taken place in a bathroom. Although it seems an inauspicious place for this type of photography, both women They have managed to turn on their respective fans.

The photos came to light as part of the new campaign of Skims, brand directed by Kim Kardashian in which girdles and different clothes are offered. The company’s goal is to create a brand that is valid for all body types.

The Instagram posts that could not be more suggestive have been very well received by their fans, especially when Megan Fox has suggested that both friends should become an OnlyFans. The networks have been lit after these statements, how could it be otherwise.

It is not the first time that Fox and Kardashian have collaborated on an advertising campaign and shared posts on social networks. The friendship of both fits perfectly with the one that unites their partners, Machine Gun Kelly Y Travis Barker. In addition, both seem to be in a great vital moment, because Kourtney has just married and Fox and Kelly hope to do so after announcing their engagement

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