The actor who should star in the Messi biopic


Just as Diego Maradona’s life moved into the world of fiction, the Paris Saint Germain star also has an interesting story to portray.

Messi is Barcelona's historic goalscorer.
© IMDbMessi is Barcelona’s historic goalscorer.

It is not necessary to wait for the athletes to retire for their lives to be portrayed in fiction. Carlos Tevezfor example, brought his life to the screen of Netflix from the hand of Apache Y Gianis Antetokoumpo did the same in a movie Disney+ titled rise. That’s why, even though Leo Messi he is still playing and he has pages to write in his career as a footballer, you can think of a product that adapts his life, either as a feature film or as an episodic fiction.

It is enough to review all the events that he went through Leo Messi enough to realize that there are several points that can be carried over the pages of a script. The first of all, of course, would have to do with the growth problems he had that made him wander around clubs like Newell’s Old Boys and River Plateuntil finally he reached the quarry of the Barcelona where they agreed to pay for hormone treatment.

From then on, everything that happened in Barcelona It’s already worth being told in a movie, with the number of titles it won and the records it broke. You can also portray what were the great milestones of him with the Argentine National Teamwith which he debuted with an unusual red card, the final of the world who lost to Germany, the revenge of the Copa America 2021 and the Olympic medal that was hung in Athens 2004.

The big question is who could be in charge of interpreting him, especially given how difficult it can be to emulate him on the field of play. But if he could take the life of Diego Maradonawhy could not the same be achieved with the life of Leo Messi. In this context, it would be necessary to think of at least two or three actors to embody him at different stages of his life, but if one has to be defined who can be the protagonist and embody him for a long period of time, who even reaches his present in the paris st germainthat actor is paul danobecause of their great physical resemblance.

+Paul Dano’s long-awaited project for this 2022

In the year that paul dano turned into an amazing riddler in batmanthe movie of Matt Reeves, it is still ahead to see him in another weighty project. The actor who was part of prisoners Y Little Miss Sunshine has four fictions on the way, according to IMDbone of which will link it to the iconic steven spielberg. We are talking about The Fabelmansthe semi-autobiographical film by the director of jurassic-park who has not yet confirmed his date and has his plot kept under lock and key. In this film, paul dano will be Burt Fabelmanna character inspired by the father of Spielberg.

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