Selena Gomez: Top 5 of her best makeup

Currently, Murdick – who also directs a beauty platform called The Pretty Fix, which supports the trans community to enter the world of makeup – has been working with the celebrity for seven years and shares with us that there are interesting projects on the horizon with Selena Gomez.

But what is the signature look of Gomez? ‘My approach to makeup is always inspired by the character of the other person,’ the artist explains of her process. ‘So, for Selena, I like to keep things modern and classicbecause he feels faithful to who he is and his Personal style‘.

To celebrate Selena’s 30th birthday, Murdick reflects on her best beauty looks yet.

1. Look At Her Now music video, 2020

‘This was quite different for us, it’s one of the strongest looks I’ve ever done for Selena and it all came together in an amazing way. With the lighting in the video, I wanted to give it a bit of punch. There’s this crazy iridescent gloss on her lips, which matches her iridescent outfit and her body.’


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2. Rare Beauty campaign, 2022

‘I’m obsessed with this Rare Beauty campaign for Kind Words lipsticks, because I think she looks amazing. Selena is wearing Gifted lip liner and lipstick here. And this was photographed by Brianna Capozzi, whose work couldn’t be more perfect.’

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