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    We have spent almost three years with our hearts in suspense after the end of John Wick: Parabellum but there is only a little more than half a year left for the premiere of john wick 4. The next two installments were supposed to film back-to-back for release in 2021 and 2022, but the COVID-19 pandemic has accomplished what the Russian mob couldn’t: stop John Wick. But nobody stops the boogeyman for long. The film was further delayed by Reeves’ commitment to The Matrix Resurrections and in the end it has been postponed until 2023. Fortunately, John Wick always returns. Here it is:

    john wick 4


    In all this time there has been no lack of opportunity to speculate on what will happen in the fourth installment, whate according to director Chad Stahelski will be a “conclusion to the emotional thread so far”. Does that mean there will be no more movies? No, no one knows how many John Wick movies there may be; but Stahelski is preparing to take a break from the franchise. In exchange, the series ‘The Continental’ and the spin-off of ‘John Wick’ Ballerina are underway, perhaps starring Ana de Armas. But first of all we will have to see John Wick 4: Hagakuresorry, JW4.

    The title of John Wick: Hagakure It was leaked more than a year ago, but when the first trailer and poster for the film were released, it ended up opting for a minimalist JW4. John Wick needs no introduction. In any case, the word Hagakure is closely tied to the film. His name directs us to the “Book of the Samurai” and means “in the shadow of the leaves”. It is a guide to follow the path of the samurai towards peace and it resonates with the most famous quote in the book:

    “The path of the warrior is death.”

    Beyond what this means for the story of our protagonist, the title is important because it highlights the weight of John Wick’s trip to Japan and because it guarantees us that we will have a good dose of martial arts. Something that has already confirmed the cast of the film.

    That is all we know about john wick 4. You can check out the movies below among Netflix action movies.

    Release date of ‘John Wick 4’: when will the film arrive?

    If everything had gone as planned we would have seen the movies by now and would be discussing how the ‘John Wick’ Universe will continue going forward, but no one knows like the former retired hit man that things never go as planned. After a final delay of eight months, Lionsgate has scheduled the release of john wick 4 for on March 24, 2023.

    Synopsis of ‘John Wick 4’: what will happen in the film?

    The argument of john wick 4 it remains a secret. Keanu Reeves revealed to us in his interview with ESQUIRE that the film will open with him riding a horse in the desert. Stahelski is a master of opening sequences and this promises one of the best action scenes in cinema, but something must have happened in between because he Last we heard, Wick was being given a dead port after being shot by Winston to appease the High Table. Somehow the first few minutes of the film will try to resolve this question.

    john wick 3

    john wick 3Netflix

    From here, the Former assassin in rebellion will begin an intercontinental trip through Japan, Germany and Francewhere the film was shot.

    Cast of ‘John Wick 4’: what casting will be in the film?

    Producer Basil Iwanyk says that the character of John Wick was intended for Clint Eastwood or Harrison Ford, but since Keanu Reeves he appropriated the role we can’t imagine movies without him. Of course he will be the head of the new installment again. A head to which they have put a high price, yes, but the head of Keanu Reeves. Joining him will be other veterans of the franchise: Laurence Fishburne like The Bowery King (which at the end of pareballum decided to team up with Wick), Ian McShane as Winston and lance reddick like Concierge Charon at the Continental.

    The most important addition seems to be that of Marko Zaror, who could be the main enemy of this new installment. Zaror is the kind of actor who was born to make a ‘John Wick’ movie. Like Stahelski, he started out in the industry as a stunt double, and in the 2000s he stood in for Dwayne Johnson in his most dangerous scenes, before starring in his own films.

    Marko Zaror

    Amanda EdwardsGetty Images

    Along with Zaror, a good handful of action movie stars are incorporated, as if Stahelski had decided to make his own The mercenaries. Highlight the names of Donnie Yen (ip-man), Hiroyuki Sanada (Mortal Kombat) Y Scott Adkins (avengement), perhaps the greatest Anglo-Saxon star of low-budget action cinema. A fantasy for lovers of the genre.

    Who is not going to hit a punch is Bill Skarsgard, creepy pennywise from It 1 and 2. The actor joins a mysterious character named Marquis, and since he’s spared Keanu Reeves’ harsh training to be John Wick, it’s possible he’ll be a key role exclusively for the plot. Perhaps a member of the High Table, that high-level council of criminal organizations around the world. At the High Table he will sit too Clancy Brown, but he has confirmed that at 63 he will be involved in action sequences. Finally, they incorporate Rina Sawayama and Shamier Anderson.

    bill skargard

    bill skarsgard

    Rich PolkGetty Images

    Among the casualties we have to regret the disappearance of Halle Berry and her dogs, but given the enormous expansion of characters in the third film it was inevitable that they could not all return. The absence that should worry us the most, however, is the of the screenwriter Derek Kolstad who for the first time does not participate in a film of the franchise. Instead the script has been written Shay Hatten and Michael Finchbut it seems that we are in good hands Besides writing the army of thieves Y the army of the deadHatten collaborated with Kolstad during the writing of John Wick: Parabellum so he knows all the details of his universe and the continuity of the plot.

    ‘John Wick 4’: trailer, images, poster

    At San Diego Comic-Con we received the first official materials for the film, starting with the image you found at the beginning of this article. In it we see the murderer Keanu Reeves seated solemnly in a holy place, probably in Japanfocused on the end of this story that began eight years ago.

    But the great revelation has been the first teaser of JW4, full of action, katanas, bows and shots. And a warning to Wick from Skarsgard: “No one, not even you, can kill everyone“. Ready, John?

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    With the trailer we have also been able to see the first poster of the film. We will continue to update this article with all the news.

    john wick 4


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