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Toyota Motor is offering buy back fully electric SUVs whose owners have been ordered to stop driving them because their tires might fall off.

The Japanese automaker said it is working “diligently” to find a fix for vehicles that were included in a recall in June 2019. your model bZ4X.

That advisory, which also affected Subaru’s Solterra, warned that the vehicles’ wheel hub bolts could become loose and cause the wheels to come off.

Toyota offered free loans to owners and a $5,000 credit to pay off existing loans or leases or the purchase price of cars that have already been paid for in full. Drivers who receive traditional gasoline cars in exchange will receive reimbursement for the cost of fuel.

In recognition of the drawbacks, Toyota is also offering to buy back the electric SUV, an extreme step following a recall. The buyback was previously reported by Electrek.

One more problem for Toyota

At the end of July, the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco) together with the Japanese automaker called for a review of 11,576 hybrid vehicles marketedthis for a software bug of the cars that could represent a risk for the users.

It’s about the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid modelswith a total of 207 recalled units and the models Sienna Hybrid 2021 with 6 thousand 873 units involved and Sienna Hybrid 2022 with 4 thousand 496 units involved.

“A software bug could cause the Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) system not to be pressed to the ON position by default the next time the vehicle is started.

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