Meryl Streep and the video that demonstrates her best trick as an actress

meryl streep He has never ceased to amaze us with his performances. With three Oscars behind him, more than 20 nominations and an immense filmography in cinema, series and theater, it is undeniable to be before one of the biggest stars that Hollywood has given us with an overflowing acting talent. But, although her skills before the cameras are undeniable, Streep has a few tricks up her sleeve that always make us perceive her characters as prodigious.. And strange as it may sound, one of these artifices has to do with his use of the glasses on screen.

Meryl Streep at Netflix's 'Don't Look Up' premiere in December 2021 in New York (Photo: Michael Ostuni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Meryl Streep at Netflix’s ‘Don’t Look Up’ premiere in December 2021 in New York (Photo: Michael Ostuni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Although it may go unnoticed at first, meryl streep he makes a habit of wearing glasses in most of his movies. For example, if we look at the latest titles in his career, as may well be the case with don’t look up from netflix, let them talk by Steven Soderbergh the pentagon files by Steven Spielberg or series like Big Little Lies, practically in most of them he wears glasses. But he not only uses them on an aesthetic level, since, carefully observing his gestures, you can see how he manages to use this utensil as an important part of his performance.

As strange as it may seem, there are many dramatic features of his characters that he builds based on taking off his glasses in certain scenes, thus achieving a more resounding change in his face with which he achieves a greater impact in the eyes of the viewer. But not only that, because a gesture as trivial as this usually brings implicit signs of seriousness, despondency, exhaustion and even power, which is perfect for generating drama and intensity on screen. And we are not exaggerating anything, because, taking a look around the net, you can see that Articles and viral videos have recently come out analyzing this trend in the interpretations of Streep.

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It may be the case of The New York Times, which last July published a text carefully breaking down the use of glasses by the actress in many of its titles. For example, they point out how The Devil Wears Pradawhere she played demanding fashion editor Miranda Priestly, there is hardly a scene in which he does not enter the game of wearing glasses. And it is that, if we remember that mythical comedy of 2006 co-starring Anne Hateway, it was common to see her caress or lower her glasses in each of her looks at the camera, which helped build the passionate and cold energy that she gave off character.

However, in this case she had an excuse, since her character is based on Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue who usually wears sunglasses in her public appearances. But we have already seen that this utensil does not respond so much to reasons of characterization, and in case anyone doubts, a video created by Twitter user Mary Elizabeth Kelly (@mare_kell) in response to The New York Times article proves it.

In it, this girl makes a test of how the gesture of removing the glasses is key in the impact of the performances of the actress, imitating several of its most mythical characters and emphasizing removing, lowering or touching this utensil. And the effect, in addition to revealing Streep’s trick, is one of the funniest things you can see on the net these days, especially seeing the hilarious imitation that she manages to obtain.

Specifically, he makes a reproduction of his roles in the comedy It’s not that easythe drama the pentagon fileshis Oscar-winning role in The woman of ironthe mentioned The Devil Wears Pradathe acclaimed The hoursthe satire of don’t look up and his work on television in Big Little Lies. And her interpretation is so true that she would even deserve her own Oscar, making it clear to us that Streep’s glasses should also have their own award from the Hollywood Academy.

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