Kim and Khloé no longer have a ‘Kardashian’ ass

    The start of the was kardashian involved, among many other things, the introduction of a new canon of beauty. Accustomed to the bodies of the supermodels of the 90s, the arrival of the world’s most mediatic sisters into our lives made us change the ‘chip’ radically. Since then, bodies with hourglass silhouette (narrow waist, prominent chest, and voluminous ass) began to outshine rectangular silhouettes very quickly. So much so that the glute exercises they became the favorite workout in gyms around the world. What? Did you think that an exercise could not be a trend? What they don’t get…

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    Well, it turns out that now that’s over. Now the 10 ass sisters drop their own clout in favor of nature. More concretely, Kim and Khloe Kardashian which, according to sources close to the family, would have stopped resorting to the surgical procedure through which they obtained the most famous ‘booty’ in the world. Are we at the end of an era? We have no proof but no doubt either.

    Kim and Khloé Kardashian say goodbye to her ass

    If you follow the sisters very closely, it is practically impossible that you have not noticed. Especially Khloe. A few days ago, the youngest of the Kardashians appeared on the street in a beautiful white jumpsuit with a halter neck that was totally overshadowed in the eyes of the public. And it is that, according to witnesses and headlines, Khloé Kardashian wore a bum significantly smaller usual. It was there when the alarms went off and the media began to investigate.

    khloe kardashian

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    Days later, in the middle of Haute Couture Week in Paris (of which kim kardashian was a firm protagonist) his photos also appeared in all the media, general and specialized. And it is that, although it was much less evident than in the case of Khloé, everything seemed to confirm our suspicions: The Kardashians don’t want to have such a big ass anymore.. Now, it seems, the goal is naturalness and the defined silhouette that provides a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and tailored training.

    kim kardashian

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    And, eye, we do not say it. Sources close to the Kardashian-Jenner family confirm this. Although rumors pointed to the sisters having stopped wearing ‘fillers’ in the buttocks, the sources deny the information. According to you, it is not about that but they do assure that “they have stopped submitting to the BBL”. Or what is the same, “Brazilian Bum Lift“. A surgical procedure which consists of infiltrating fat from another area (hips, belly, thighs) in the ass. Thing that returns to discard the myth, denied by themselves to satiety, that they had implants.

    According to the same sources, the sisters would have stopped going to the aesthetic clinic for this reason and, thus, let “decrease naturally as they lose weight“In addition, and as a little ‘salseito’ never hurts, they also tell the following: “Kanye loved that about Kim but Pete -his current partner- he just wants me to be happyno matter what it looks like,” they conclude.

    That’s very nice but then, to make it clear, ass yes or no? According to the sisters… Not anymore.

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