How do I know if I have anxiety? The test that helps you find out

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Anxiety is a psychological condition that should not be taken lightly. People often confuse it with stress, but it is something completely different. Although it is advisable to go with a professional, here we leave you a test that could help you confirm if you have it.

Anxiety is one of the most important aspects to take into account if we talk about mental health, because according to the World Health Organization (WHO) this disease and depression increased by 25% after the pandemic.

The test to know if you have anxiety

Screening Mhanational is a page that will help you know if what you felt in the last two weeks is related to any symptom of this emotion.

The test is made up of two sections.: one of mandatory questions to find out if you have anxiety and one of optional questions to expand the information with which the page will be able to detect your situation more easily.

So you just have to go to answer questions honestly.

“During the last 2 weeks, how often have you been bothered by the following problems?” is the initial question you will find on the portal.

What to do with the results of my anxiety test?

The website it will give you predetermined results according to what you answered. If your anxiety levels are positive, it is best to go to a trusted psychologist or psychiatrist for an assessment.

Remember that tests help a lot, but they are not a doctor. So even if the results are negative but you have strange symptoms, Do not hesitate to go with a professional. Never skimp on your mental health.

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