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How rare is the human being: rough, romantic, adventurous, generous, ambitious, withdrawn, distrustful, open, happy, passionate, grumpy, maniacal… A whole world. And within that world that breathes, all mysteries are found. Some in the process of discovery, and thousands to be revealed, if this becomes possible over time. One of the small or big things that attract attention is the hobby that exists for collecting. Here enters the entire universe. Everything has the ability to subjugate the collector. To the one who is inclined towards what can bring him a succulent fortune when the time comes, such as postage stamps, to the one who does not look at the monetary value of his treasure, which can simply be cigar bands, or candy wrappers.

What is it that drives this widespread hobby? The pleasure of owning something that others do not have? The quest adventure? Entertainment? Sometimes hide what is considered precious? What is the value of buttons, pins, lighters, key rings, records, mugs, badges, and press clippings? Of course there are collectors of antiques, jewelry, almost extinct coins, works of art, and so many wonders only available to those who can, or those so passionate, that in the end, without great resources, they get them. . Everything can be possible. They say that everything is love. However, you don’t need huge fortunes to collect certain items. There are collectors with a taste for beauty and others not, depending on how you look at it. Even celebrities are fond of this game.

For example, Angelina Jolie – collects knives, Tom Hanks – old typewriters. Typewriters and photography machines, or radio sets, are very popular. Leonardo DiCaprio prefers toys from other times, and Demi Moore for porcelain dolls. There are especially favorite items like shoes. Whoopi Goldberg falls in love. To Amanda Seyfried, the stuffed animals, and to Elton John, the sunglasses. What do these objects have to attract so much? Some pieces of paper, acquire for the collector of the same an incalculable value, but not economic. What mechanisms are activated in the mind to make it so? A curious mystery to investigate.

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