Celebrities with Ukraine: Eugenia Silva, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, Chiara Ferragni or Blake Lively collect donations

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For its part, the protagonist of resident Evil, of Russian descent but who was born and spent his early years in Soviet Ukraine, has also stood in solidarity with his homeland. “I am heartbroken and shattered trying to process what happened this week in my birthplace in Ukraine. My country and my people are being bombed. Friends and family are in hiding. My blood and roots are Russian and Ukrainian. I feel torn seeing the horror that Ukrainians are living, displaced families, lives shattered and broken in pieces around them, ”Jovovich wrote.

I remember the war in my father’s land, Yugoslavia, and the stories my family told about the trauma and terror experienced. War. Always war. There are leaders who will never bring peace. endless imperialism. And always, the people paying with blood and tears, ”she wrote in shock in a post. In addition, the actress has asked her followers to contribute what they can through a link in his Instagram bio in which all the NGOs are collected to which you can donate, from Caritas to various Ukrainian foundations.

Instagram contents

This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

Sean Penn wanted to be on site in Ukraine to be able to record everything that is happening there and show the world the horror that its people are experiencing. The actor and director has spent in the country the last seven days recording a documentary for Vice studies on the Russian invasion. Just a few hours ago, Penn explained on his Twitter profile that he had had to leave the vehicle in which he was traveling on a hard shoulder after being trapped in the middle of traffic in the very long queues of people trying to leave the country. The actor had to walk for several kilometerswith a suitcase and his backpack, along with his two teammates until they can reach the Polish border, one of the points where more refugees are arriving these days.

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