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“If you feel insecure or scared, just come to the bar and ask for a johnny depp drink”, reads a sign of a bar in the United States whose name was not revealed. The image was posted on Reddit by a user who wrote: “The pub I was in had this sign on the men’s toilets”.

This new shot named after the actor Pirates of the Caribbeanwho a few weeks ago starred in the so-called “trial of the century” for defamation against his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard, after he sued her for an article from 2018 where she defined herself as a public figure representing domestic abuse.

She also countersued for defamation and for several weeks they accused each other of violence before a jury in Virginia, United States.

The initiative of this bar takes up the action of other sites that promote drinks with code names to help women in danger in these establishments.

Previously, the code of a cocktail called ‘Angel’ became popular, with which whoever felt at risk could ask the bartender for help.

The concept began in a bar in 2016, in Lincolnshire, England, where it was advertised that you could go to the bar and ‘ask for Angela’ to get support from the establishment.

What is the ‘Johnny Depp’ shot like?

The place that announces the cocktail manages three ways to request it: “If you ask for the shot by Johnny Depp alone, an employee will escort you safely out of the bar. If you order it on the rocks, a bar employee will call a taxi for you. And if you order it with lemon, the bar will call the police. We will handle things quietly and smoothly.”

The image, published four days ago, caused controversy in said social network, since several people considered that the situation of women and men who experience violence could not be compared.

“Feel safe with a photo bearing the name of the man involved in the most famous abuse trial in history”, one user wrote.

It also received criticism for being considered impractical: “Having both men and women named the same posted in each bathroom defeats the purpose of having in code. I understand that he may be a same-sex offender at times, which makes even my plea invalid in that case. But putting the same codes in both bathrooms defeats the purpose in most situations”.

Another person opined: “This is the exact opposite of that. ‘God, do you know what we should do? ¡Complicate Angel Shot code using the name of someone who literally everyone knows was involved in a lawsuit talking about abuse recently!’”

There were also those who considered it a good initiative: “Yes, everyone should be able to access help without alerting whoever they are for safety”; someone else wrote: “This is incredible! We are finally seeing the same help for male victims. I wish I’d had this so many times in my life.”

A third said: “This is so amazing and why it’s important that he stood up and that we continue to spread awareness about the issues that he brought to light.”

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