Advantages of incorporating squats into your routine and how to do them

It is one of the most hated exercises, but also one of the most effective: the squats. This can not be missing in any routine since, in addition to strengthening the legs, we activate a large number of muscles such as the quadriceps, the adductors, the glutes or the abdomen.

Although there are those who think that squats are just another leg exercise, its benefits go further.

  • Improves mobility in the lower body
  • Tones the buttocks
  • Strengthens the legs
  • Improves circulation
  • Help fight cellulitis
  • They remove toxins from the body
  • makes you lose weight
  • Strengthens the joints
  • prevent injuries
  • prevents osteoporosis

For all these reasons, including squats in your training is more than recommended. Furthermore, one of its advantages is that can be done anywhere and almost anytime. The ideal is to dedicate time to it, do it with sports clothes and, when it improves, add weight to your body. However, if one day you cannot go to the gym, you can do them at home and use household items to weigh you down.

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How to do them

It is important to follow a set of guidelines when performing this exercise, since if it is done wrong it can have harmful consequences.

The posture has to be straight, with the gaze straight ahead and the feet at shoulder height and their toes facing slightly outwards. Next, you have to throw your hips back and bend your legs, but always with the back as straight as possible to avoid loads on the lower back.

The drop level it has to be progressive. If you are not used to doing squats, start by going down a little and gradually do it more, since the more we go down, the more we will involve the muscles.

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As we gain strength, it would be convenient to go weighing down, since that of the body will be left insufficient. This can be done with dumbbells or a barbell across your shoulders. If you choose the latter option, it is best to carry it out in a cage –they are usually present in all gyms–, since this way we will avoid injuries. The bar must be supported in the hole formed by the trapezoids.

With these instructions you can start to perform the complete squat exercise correctly and enjoy all the advantages they provide.

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