7 movies that remind us of the absurdity of existence

If ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ also blew your mind, you might like these mind-blowing movie recommendations to feed your existential crisis.

Everything Everywhere All At Once‘ (also known as ‘Everything everywhere at the same time’ in Latin America) premiered in 2022 and gave us a glimpse into the idea of ​​multiverses, interpersonal relationships, and the possibility of an alternate reality in which everyone world has sausages for fingers. It’s one of A24’s most successful movies and new world favorites, but it definitely wasn’t the first to explore the transcendent and/or implausible aspects of existing in this world.

If you too were blown away by ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’, then you have to see our following recommendations. Some of them you surely already saw (because who hasn’t seen ‘American Psycho‘ at this point in the 21st century); Others you have to look for right now on your trusted streaming platform or borrow them from your movie-loving friend who clings to the DVD format for life. Now yes, let’s go with this list of movies that remind us of the absurdity of existence:


Dog Day Afternoon (1975)

In Latin America it was translated as ‘Dog Afternoon’ and, strangely enough, it describes well the events that happen to the character of Al Pacino when he tries to rob a bank in New York. It is based on the true story of John Stanley Joseph Wojtowicz, a man who was looking to raise money for his trans wife’s surgery (although reports say it was a complex mafia operation gone wrong).

A Serious Man (2009)

This film by the Coen brothers has an implicit biblical background and is based on the story of Job, the character who is constantly tested by Satan to prove his loyalty to God. In the film, Larry Gopnik (Michael Stuhlbarg) begins to question his own faith as his life begins to go to hell: his wife is about to leave him for someone else, his children steal from him, and at work. they extort money from him.


American Psycho (2000)

In the early 2000s, this film based on the best seller of Brett Easton Ellis shocked not only because it shows an extreme level of narcissistic violence, but also because of the contrast between the lifestyle yuppie romanticized late-’90s film and the bloody, homicidal demeanor of a self-obsessed man, played by a super-young Christian Bale.

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (2014)

Michael Keaton was one of the most iconic Batmans in Tim Burton’s films. More than twenty years later, on the tape of Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu who won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2015, he was Riggan Thompson: an actor who once played a famous superhero but now struggles to put together the adaptation of a Raymond Carver story for the stage… with the complications and frustrations that entails the longing for acting recognition.


Burn After Reading (2008)

We had already seen Brad Pitt as part of Edward Norton’s existential crises in ‘Fight Club’, but in this film by the Coen brothers he tries to take advantage of the data he found on a CD (yes, CDs were still a thing) that belongs to the character of John Malkovich, with data that he believes to be confidential from the CIA. Like several of our recommendations, this film is a story of cons, but also of a man with an unfulfilling existence and an unhappy love life.

Air Doll (2009)

This is the story of an inflatable doll that serves to satisfy the needs (sexual and emotional) of a lonely gray man. But what happens when it comes to life, explores the world and begins to have its own dreams, desires and feelings? It’s a story of urban love, but also an exploration of human nature and the meaning of life: one that not even those truly “alive” can explain to you.


In Bruges (2008)

Who could imagine that the story of two assassins stranded in Bruges, BelgiumWould it make us feel something like… empathy? Beneath all the black humor and violence, ‘In Bruges’ tells a story of characters futilely hoping to get out of a suffocating universe, full of ancient customs and expired loyalties. There is no way out of this life full of debts. Also, the performances by Farrell, Gleeson and Fiennes are phenomenal.

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