WWE would be giving more freedom to its superstars in combat

In the last decade, WWE has gained a reputation for trying check as much as possible the actions of his superstars both in combat and in the segments at the microphone, a style that provoked much criticism from fighters and fans. However, with the new changes in management, WWE would be tolerating more freedom for talent at your events.

According to Wrestling Observer, WWE would have tried in recent weeks to control some aspects of the shows less, to the point that some matches would have been improvised mostly inside the ring. This was the information published by the media:

“On the Madison Square Garden RAW, there was an in-ring promo before McIntyre vs. Theory that was cut because Reigns’ opening segment was lengthened. Due to the change in match times, the match was improvised in the ring instead of planned. But there is more to the matter.

Other than a few key aspects, at least with some top guys, they allowed the talent to improvise more in matches. In the Sheamus vs. McIntyre match on SmackDown, which was one of the best matches of the year on WWE television, he was left a lot of freedom to the guys, despite the fact that obviously, the important points and the interventions were planned previously”.

In addition to that freedom in the ring, WWE is known for banning many words within its programming. In this way, those fighters who use terms like “wrestler” or “belt” (belt) without being planned, can receive a wake up call or even be forced to pay fines.

According to information from Dave Meltzer in his latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE has lifted the veto on some wordsWhat “wrestler” either wrestling“, and it seems, now they can be used normally in programming.

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