With an unpublished TikTok video, Johnny Depp revealed the impressive making of one of his iconic characters

Johnny Depp return to public life little by littleafter having undergone the largest exposure worldwide for the defamation trial he faced against Amber Heard. He not long ago opened a TikTok account to communicate with her fans and it seems that he has no intention of leaving her aside. In her most recent video, He showed his followers how is the characterization procedure of the character he played in one of his latest films. Users reacted immediately.

Johnny was the protagonist of The Minamata Photographerwhere he gave life to W. Eugene Smitha noted war photographer. This film was released in 2020 in the United Kingdom, but only in 2022 did it reach some Latin American countries, such as Colombia, so the appearance of the actor on the screens was overshadowed by the controversial trial in the Fairfax court, Virginia.

Johnny Depp shares the characterization process of one of his characters

“In the makeup trailer of Minamata, now on Digital and DVD in North America”, was the description with which Johnny published his clip. In it, it is observed how a team of several people works for a long time to personify him as the famous photographer. Apparently, she is inside a rolling dressing room, where they do everything to get her into character.

While a woman fixes her hair, there is a man putting on the fake beard and filling in some spaces with makeup. Some time later, two more people join the process, staying in the back of the car while they read what appears to be the script. For his part, the actor rests quietly and sometimes starts drawing to kill time. Among the outstanding comments, there were people who imagined what the process had been like for the makeup artists when they participated in the film Scissorhands.

This film was the last production in which the also protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean. Over there brings to life one of the most respected photojournalists of World War II, who, in 1970, collaborated to expose the case of mercury contamination that occurred off the coast of Japan.

This is the characterization process of Johnny Depp to play a photographer
This is the characterization process of Johnny Depp to play a photographer

In the film, W. Eugene Smith is immersed in alcohol and drugs and is contacted by Aileen Mioko, a translator who wants to hire him to photograph a Japanese community who contracted a disease called Minamata. The consequences of this condition are devastating: it causes neuralgic problems and is contracted by eating fish contaminated with toxic waste.

Meanwhile, Robert Hayes, who is head of the magazine Life, make the decision of send the photojournalist to Japan so that he can tell first-hand the tragic story of the town. The viewer will put himself in the shoes of the photographer, since he behaves like a clumsy tourist in order to live with the inhabitants of the Asian country.

For this, he required the help of Mioko, the translator who teaches him about empathy, manners and, above all, the customs that exist in that country. This with the aim of being able to get closer to the victims of contamination. and to families who lost a loved one.

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