With a piece dedicated to my father, I introduced the tumbao: Tania León, composer

Regarding the recognition that the composer will receive Tanya Leon On December 4, La W spoke with the artist about her career. She of Cuban origin, she will be honored at the Kennedy Center Honors 2022 alongside George Clooney, Gladys Knight, Amy Grant and U2.

The artist took the opportunity to reveal details of the pieces she composed in piano and the way he introduced the rhythms of Cuba, your country of origin. According to him, it all started with a dedication to his father after he died.

My father passed away and I kept that inside. I decided to do something that had something different because at that time the academy taught the 12-tone techniques, which had nothing to do with polyrhythms and came from the native culture. With a piece dedicated to my father I introduced the rhythms of the son that inoculate the genres of Cuban music and I put the word tomb”, assured Tanya Leon.

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He also referred to the way in which he came to USA after signing an application thanks to the support of a Catholic Church.

“Since I was 9 years old I told my family that I was going to live in Paris. I arrived at USA because I had a way to leave the island, it is a support that a colleague from the conservatory gave me, the Catholic Church gave a form for those who wanted to support those who left the country, they sent me the form and I waited three years, I did not know that way was going to give me the possibility of a flight”, León narrated.

The famous composer also referred to her conception of the humanity. “We are not what we wear, we are what integrates us, there is the trait of the ancestors,” she said.

In the header, listen to the full interview with Tania León, a Cuban-American composer who will be recognized at the Kennedy Center Honors 2022.

With a piece dedicated to my father, I introduced the tumbao: Tania León, composer



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