Will Smith enters a rehabilitation clinic after the scandal at the Oscars

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock at the Oscars still have consequences. After the 53-year-old actor resigned from the Hollywood Academy and lost contracts with Netflix due to that incident, it is now known that the protagonist of The Prince of rap entered a rehabilitation clinic to rest from media pressure.

According to what was reported by the British newspaper The Sun, the star began treatment in a fairly exclusive rest center in order to “manage everything that is happening in his life.” Likewise, a source close to the man born in Philadelphia commented exclusively for that newspaper that “Will Smith is very affected by what happened. He is going to receive help in this rehabilitation clinic to deal with the stress and anxiety generated by the Oscars 2022 ”.

That televised coup immediately became a trend on social networks and has sparked all kinds of debates about violence in all its forms. While some have focused on commenting on alopecia in women due to the Jada Pinkett-Smith case, others have discussed the limits between comedy and bullying or harassment.

As for Will, it is clear that his career will take a turn after this event, and there are even rumors that he could still lose the Oscar for Best Leading Actor that he received for his role in king richard.

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