Will Smith and his appearances in the world of football

Will Smith is on everyone’s lips. The American star surprised the whole world at the Oscars ceremony, when he interrupted the evening to slap presenter Chris Rock, who had made a controversial joke about the actor’s wife. The 94th edition of the awards gave a lot to talk about, but without a doubt the highlight of the night was the open hand punch before the eyes of the entire planet. Therefore, in Ole We remember some of the Hollywood star’s participation in the world of soccer.

The moment of the slap.  Photo: AFP.

The moment of the slap. Photo: AFP.


In 2018, the American approached the world of soccer to participate in the closing ceremony of the World Cup in Russia. He starred in the show with Nicky Jam and Era Strefi, in which they sang Live It Up. In the preview of the World Cup, Will Smith and the artists made the video clip of the song, which included the participation of a very special guest: Ronaldinho.

Will Smith at the Russia ceremony.  Photo: EFE.

Will Smith at the Russia ceremony. Photo: EFE.

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In the frame of that video, the renowned actor was playing a little with the Brazilian legend, who did not stop laughing at his lack of technique with the ball. In the behind the camera it was possible to see how they tried to put the ball in a window on the second floor. Naturally, Dinho got it with ease. But for Smith it was quite complicated…

In the end, after several attempts, Will managed to get it into one of the upper windows (although not the one marked with the title of the song). Likewise, it was celebrated as a goal. After Ronaldinho was left throwing a little magic along with some freestylers, and they left the American speechless.

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Will Smith won the award for Best Actor of 2022. However, that’s not what will stick in everyone’s mind when his name is mentioned at the Oscars. It is that his outburst of anger, which ended with him getting on stage to hit the presenter, is an image that was recorded in everyone’s retina. But, What happened?

Chris Rock – a 57-year-old comedian – was starting the trio of documentaries and made a joke comparing the short hair of Jada Pinkett Smith, Will’s wife who suffers from alopecia (an autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss) with Demi Moore’s shaved-haired character in the 1997 film “GI Jane” (“To the Limit” in Latin America).

Smith took the Oscar.  Photo: AP.

Smith took the Oscar. Photo: AP.

Logically, this infuriated The Fresh Prince, who after hitting him returned to his seat and, between insults, yelled at him: “Keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth!” The images traveled the world and since then they are a trend in social networks.

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The incident traveled the world in seconds, and immediately a proposal appeared that excited more than one on social networks. It was from Jake Paul, the youtuber who ventured into boxing a long time ago and has won five fights. the influencer He offered Will Smith and Chris Rock about £11.5 million ($15 million) each to box on the undercard of their next fight in August. Is the fight breaking out?

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