who are the highest paid actors of 2022

From Tom Cruise to Margot Robbie, passing through Brad Pitt, Will Smith and Leonardo Di Caprio. Who are the highest paid actors of 2022

Tom Cruise look at everyone from above. According to the ranking of the highest paid actors drawn up by Variety, the protagonist of Top Gun: Maverick reached $ 100 million earned in just one year. Compared to his other colleagues, who immediately ask for sensational fees, Tom and his agents agree on lower figures, preferring to add the percentage of receipts to the contract. The same will happen for the next chapters of Mission Impossible whose cachet will start from 12 million initial.

Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Leonardo Di Caprio: the names of the highest paid actors of 2022

Immediately after Tom Cruise, in second place we find Will Smith surprisingly, who grossed 35 million dollars for the film Emancipation, based on the true story of an African American slave. In third place, tied with 30 million, are Leonardo DiCaprio (thanks to Killers of the Flower Moonthe new film by Martin Scorsese) and Brad Pitt, thanks to the contract for the next film on Formula 1. Scrolling through Variety’s Top 20 reveals that Dwayne Johnson was paid $ 22.5 million for Black Adamwhile Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds took 20 for Spirited. Same sum that Netflix paid Chris Hemsworth for Extraction 2 and who have cashed in Vin Diesel (for Fast X), Tom Hardy (per Venom 3) and, surprisingly, Joaquin Phoenix for Joker 2. Stable at 20 million Denzel Washington, for the action movie The Equalizer 3, while a step below, at 15 million, Jason Momoa (for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom) and the stainless Eddie Murphy (for Beverly Hills Cop IV). Scrolling down the prestigious ranking we find in eighteenth place with 12.5 million dollars, Margot Robbie who will be the protagonist in the film Barbie, the exact same figure taken by Ryan Gosling, who plays Ken in the film. Soon after we find Millie Bobby Brown, whose success literally exploded in her hands thanks to Stranger Things: at only 18, Netflix will pay her 10 million to star in the second season of the Enola Holmes series.

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