Where to buy N6 by Olaplex, the viral hair product that eliminates frizz used by Billie Eilish

Two weeks ago, singer Billie Eilish shared on Youtube (for Vogue magazine) what is the beauty routine she does after each ‘show’. Among the recommended products, one has caught our attention. For being viral and for being one that we also love. Is about an anti-frizz hair reconstructor that you can also have if you want.

But first things first: why did Billie Eilish choose this viral hair product to pamper her hair while she sleeps? “I use Olaplex No. 6 Bond Smoother every night. I like several of the brand’s products and I use them, but this one specifically I apply every time I wash my hair. It can also be used dry, before going to sleep, because it provides incredible volume”.

The perfect product for Billie Eilish

The singer wears a shag cut with razor-sharp bangs. Although it may sound a bit risky, this type of bangs is actually the best for quick regrets because grows easily and can be combed, meanwhile, in a thousand ways: to the side, with a parting in the middle or down, covering the eyes a little, like Eilish herself.

Of course, it has a downside that the American singer and songwriter has clearly detected, in view of the choice of hair product. Cutting your bangs to the razor requires cutting sections of hair, removing a lot of weight at once, and on certain textures, this can cause a lot of ‘frizz’. Solution? Use an anti-frizz cream that isn’t too heavy and doesn’t leave a residue.

Billlie Eilish is addicted to Olaplex N6

Olaplex No. 6 Bond Smoother which is the product that Billie herself mentions on Youtube, it is a repairing serum enriched with the patented Bond Building technology, which smoothes, nourishes and strengthens the hair without weighing it down and eliminating frizz. It is vegan and suitable for colored hair. Does not need rinsing and is applied after washing the hair.

Its mission, like that of the entire brand line, is to rebuild damaged hair. This is also designed to hydrate, eliminate frizz and protect against heat.

You can buy OLAPLEX Nº6 Bond Smoother for €20.98 at Primor and for €27.99 at Sephora.

OLAPLEX Nº6 Bond Smoother

By the way! Another of the products that Billie Eilish cannot live without is the restorative ointment used by Jon Kortajarena himself who takes care of his skin… She uses it on her lips instead of lipgloss because it does not damage her throat to sing but has a thousand uses beyond sheer brilliance.

Billie Eilish tells her nightly beauty routine on YouTube

He likes it so much, so much, so much, that He calls her “the love of my life” and he admits always carrying one in his pocket and another six in his bag and suitcase. Confession: we love it too.

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