What did Mikel Arteta say about the departure of Marcelo Flores to Oviedo? Halftime

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When Marcelo Flores seemed to be closer to debuting in the Premier League with the Arsenala proposal that came from Spain, specifically from the Oviedomade him rethink his process to have another impulse that leads him to fulfill his ideal.

Faced with such a situation, Mikel Arteta, coach of the Gunners, clarified that Marcelo’s decision only goes through theresince the objective is for him to add as many minutes as possible so that he can make the leap to the Premier more prepared and in shape.

“I think the evolution it has had in the last year has been very positive. It is true that the difference in the level of competitiveness between the U23 league and the Premier is huge and we needed to expose it in a different context“, commented the strategist for Paramount+.

“He has international experience with the national team and what he has to do now is show that competitive level every weekthat talent that he has and at the end of the season we will decide what step we take with him”.

Arteta loves Mexico

On the other hand, the helmsman wished Marcelo luck in his attempt to consolidate his careerin addition to pointing out that he is a regular visitor to Mexico, although always on vacation.

Asked if one day he would like to lead in Liga MX, between smiles he replied with a “why not?”.

“You never know. If one day they love me, my children will probably be delighted that I am here.“.

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