Unrecognizable! Johnny Depp surprises with radical change of look | VIDEO

Johnny Depp showed that he has left behind the difficult moment that happened with the media trial he faced against his ex-wife, the actress AmberHeard, Well, he shared the details of his radical look change with which he says goodbye to his long hair

The star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” has been more enthusiastic after the jury ruled in his favor in the defamation trial with the actress of “Aquaman”, as shown, among other things, is that he has resumed his social networks where he keeps in touch with his fans and shows details of his new projects.

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As the most recent video where you can see the details of his shocking look change, in this one the actor enters his camper where two people are already waiting for him. While one cuts his hair, another does makeup; the result surprised his fans, because he appears with the curly hair, with gray hair and tanned skin.

The change is part of his new character on the tape.”Minamata” which marks his return to the cinema after cfour years of absence as a result of Amber Heard’s accusations, which closed the doors of important projects in Hollywood.

Amber Heard appeals verdict

While Johnny Depp concentrates on new projects and little by little leaves behind the controversial libel suit, The actress decided to appeal the verdict of the jury and this Thursday her lawyers appeared before the Court of Appeals in Virginia, United States.

“We believe that the court made mistakes that prevented a fair and First Amendment verdict,” a spokesperson for Amber Heard said in a statement.

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At the beginning of July, a judge rejected the hearard lawsuit of a new trial that the actress presented under the argument that one of the seven members of the jury was not the man summoned for the task but his son, in a case of mistaken identity.

At the moment everything indicates that the actor of “Young Scissorhands” He has focused on leaving behind the dark chapter in his career and continues with new projects in both film and music. Close friends of him indicate that he is recovering and that he is the first time they see him smile after several years.


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