Tom Cruise has the new velvet shirt in trend

When the first movie top gun premiered in 1986, Tom Cruise he was a baby-faced 24-year-old, and not the real action hero we know today. In fact, he had to be convinced to accept the role of the pilot Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, however, seven films of Mission Impossibletwo of top gun and one of war of the worlds afterward, the actor, who just turned 60, shows no signs of slowing down.

In fact, we can safely say that Tom Cruise is better than ever. Is it a prodigious work ethic? A grueling training regimen or a meticulous diet? No one knows (though we’d certainly like to), but one thing’s for sure: Cruise is bursting with confidence, and it shows in his recent outfit choices.

Confidence is the greatest attraction

Tom Cruise adds a new style to his polo shirt rotation. Ricky Vigil M/Getty Images

During the world tour Top Gun: Maverick, the actor has sported a series of tight polo shirts that have put all those hours of hard work in the gym on display. And we must admit it Tom Cruise it looks fantastic.

Yet yesterday, while out in London’s Mayfair for some fun, Tom Cruise bravely donned a garment that would scare most of us: a Polo shirt black velvet. The kind of form-fitting garment that hugs the body, a garment that requires a toned physique to wear and a certain level of confidence to pull it off in style.

Tactile, sumptuous and shiny, velvet has a bling quality. Whether in the form of a sports jacket (like the ones we used to wear in the 2000s) or a Polo shirt (like the Tom Cruise), is always a guarantee to stand out from the crowd. In addition, it is associated with a certain type of sophistication and sex appealwhich lies in its seductive nature.

It is possible that Tom Cruise take advantage of the attributes of your Polo shirt for a romantic evening? We don’t know, but the actor’s choice of a skin-tight velvet number—combined with black jeans and matching boots—definitely tells us this is a man who believes he’s at his best, physically fit and virility, a man who wants to make it clear that he takes care of himself. And we are here for it. After all, who wouldn’t want to look like Tom Cruise at 60?

Article originally published in GQ UK.

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