Three unmissable films by Antonio Banderas on HBO Max

The Spanish actor is one of the most famous Hispanic celebrities in Hollywood. With more than 40 years of career, Antonio Banderas He has participated in countless very successful projects. In addition, he has become the director’s chosen Pedro Almodovarwith whom he managed to reach stardom.

After several successes in his homeland, the actor born in Malaga decided to try his luck on the other side of the pond to enter a market with more arrivals such as Hollywood. In 1992 he starred the mambo kings, where he played his first role speaking in English. then they followed him The House of the Spirits in 1993, here he was part of the cast with Glenn Close, Jeremy Irons Y meryl streep. And three years later he became El Zorro, his most remembered role, in The mask of Zorro beside Anthony Hopkins Y Catherine Zeta-Jones.

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