This is the schedule for phases 5 and 6. Spider man does not appear

Two more Avengers movies,

Two more Avengers movies, “Avengers: The Kang Dynasty” and “Avengers: Secret Wars,” will be part of Phase 6 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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The fans of marvel universe they are already programmed to see what is next in the multiverse, because ehe President of Marvel StudiosKevin Feigeannounced in the San Diego Comic Con 2022 the release dates of some of the films and series of the next two phases of the UCMwhich will be called the Saga of the Multiverse.

Within what was announced, it was learned that Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania will be released on February 17, 2023; while Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will see the light on May 5, 2023. The production the marvels will be released on July 28 while Blade will reach fans on 3 of November. For its part, Captain America: New World Order will be scheduled from May 3, 2024 and Thunderbolts It will premiere on July 26, 2024.


Phase 6, which would start in 2024 and go until 2025, is also being revealed bit by bit by Marvel executives.

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Interestingly, what is revealed for stage 5 draws attention to the absence of Spiderman 4, which is speculated may enter Phase 6 and be released in the summer, that is, mid-year 2024, when Phase 5 ends and the next begins. Usually the arachnid tapes are separated by two and a half years from each other and this would not be the exception. There is no official information about this super hero, only conjectures from the followers.

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On the other hand, about Phase 6 so far it is known that it would have three premieres. The first one would be fantastic four, on November 8, 2024; then I would continue Avengers: Kang Dynastyon May 2, 2025 and later, Avengers: Secret Warson November 7, 2025. The spaces between these launches would be occupied by about eight projects that have not yet been announced.

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