This is how Sofía Vergara transforms into the fearsome Griselda Blanco

Sofia Vergara in the makeup room (Instagram) credit:Bang Showbiz

Sofia Vergara in the makeup room (Instagram) credit:Bang Showbiz

The actress Sofía Vergara admitted at the time that the opportunity to put herself in the shoes of the famous drug trafficker Griselda Blanco, facing a film produced by Netflix and signed by one of the creators of the successful series ‘Narcos’, would lead to the challenge most ambitious and demanding performance of his entire career.

After almost a year of filming, which would have taken place in different periods so that the artist could combine work with her work as a judge on ‘America’s Got Talent’, the one who was the protagonist of ‘Modern Family’ faces the final week of a recording which, as she herself explained in February, has led her to form a new film family thanks to the close ties she has forged with the rest of the cast and with all the personnel involved in the production.

“This has been one of my most exciting projects for years! I am very happy to be part of this new movement of new job opportunities for Latino actors. And in my case, to be able to work together with a director and a cast amazing group of Latin Americans. Being able to bring this story to life is a dream come true. Thank you all!”, Celebrated the Colombian diva at the beginning of the year.

The 49-year-old interpreter wanted to warm up engines and remind her fans that the film is getting closer to seeing the light. The film will project the most human and vulnerable side -also the most relentless and cruel- of a criminal who led the Medellin cartel, who served as Pablo Escobar’s mentor and who, among other nicknames, became known among her enemies as the ‘Black Widow’ for the bloody murders of her three husbands, crimes for which she denied any responsibility.

Sofía has wanted to make her ‘followers’ participate in the characterization process that turns her, before each shooting session, into the most feared woman in the underworld of Miami, New York and, of course, Medellín, where she finally died. shot at the age of 69 and when she seemed to have definitively retired from her dirty business. The actress who will play her in the long-awaited biopic of her has posted a photo of herself that portrays her looking seriously at the camera while having her eyebrows dyed. “We start our last week in ‘Griselda’. It has been an unforgettable journey in many aspects and I am looking forward to seeing it next year”, she has expressed.

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