The Rock gave the perfect answer to those who didn’t want to play gay roles

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Playing queer characters always opens up a debate: if on the one hand straight actors shouldn’t play gay actors, on the other hand many actors – primarily the more “stereotypically male” ones – are candidly advised to avoid. But Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, couldn’t care less!

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Out Magazine, editor Jeffrey R Epstein called the shoot with 2005’s The Rock one of his all-time favorites, calling the actor “one of the kindest and most intelligent humans“Who ever interviewed, calling their meeting”a touch of class“.

Johnson was promoting the film at the time Be Cool, where he played an openly gay bodyguard who wanted to be an actor. The film was one of the first roles of The Rock and contributed as a springboard into the world of cinema, but apparently many had advised against it. Johnson himself shared Epstein’s words on Twitter, thanking the publisher for the nice words: “I’ve always been told it’s nice to be important, but more important to be nice“Wrote the actor and then added”At the time I was told (by some influential comrades in the background) that playing a gay man would ruin my career and I replied, “Keep me the tequila and get out of the ***.“. To then conclude ironically: “Always in a nice way “.

the rock in be col
The Rock in Be Cool (2005)

But Johnson isn’t the first Hollywood star to receive unsolicited warnings: Colton Haines told Entertainment Weekly that he risked not being cast on Teen Wolf after attending a photo shoot for queer XY Magazine when he was a teenager. . In 2021 Kate Winslet said she knew at least 4 actors terrified of coming out for fear of ruining their careers due to judgments, discrimination, or homophobia, declaring to the Sunday Times Culture: “It is painful. They were afraid that someone would find out“.

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