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The temporary withdrawal of Will Smith He left his millions of followers with many questions a few months ago. And it is that in all corners of the planet, during the 2022 Oscar awards gala, we were very aware of Will’s slap in the face of Chris Rock. Controversy that spread like wildfire, in a matter of minutes, to the whole world and later we learned of the actor’s retirement. Now, with the situation now settled, from ‘Variety’ we have known the pasture that he will win for his next film as protagonist. In CHAIN ​​100 all the details!

35 million of $ for ‘Emancipation,’ starring Will Smith

Initially, although it was thought that the new Will Smith movie would be released this year, we will have to wait until 2023. A thriller that promises to be a success and more with one of the best valued Hollywood actors in the history of cinema. As they have reported, from the aforementioned medium: “The premiere is delayed a year, although Apple TV + did not give a launch date to ’emancipation’despite the fact that it was expected to be one of the brand’s winners if it was released next fall.” A film directed by Antoine Fuqua and starring Will. For 35 million dollars!

His controversial moment at the Oscars, despite becoming the winner of his first statuette for ‘The Williams Method’, without a doubt that did not play in his favor to advance the premiere of his new project. At least, now we have known that it will be next year when we see Will Smith on the screen and also as a protagonist. As a highlight, Smith’s $35 million is the highest salary recorded by the cited source so far this year. The one who surpassed him was Tom Cruisewith ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, released last May and for which he earned 100 million.

Will Smith’s Meditative Journey to India

After the controversial incident at the Oscars at the beginning of the year, Will Smith withdrew from the media spotlight in search of peace and reflection on what happened. His notorious slap in the face of Chris Rock went around the world and, for several weeks, nothing else was talked about. And how is the actor now? As revealed by his friend, the actor kevin hartduring the premiere of ‘DC League of Super-Pets’ for Entertainment Tonight: “Will regrets this. yesHe feels much better now and certainly much better than he was before.. I still love him very much, I also love Chris, and you can’t judge a person for one thing. Life goes on and people grow, give him the opportunity to do so.”

As for the possible Will Smith and Chris Rock reconciliation, his friend wished them both the best: “The only thing I hope is that the two of them find a way to reconcile about it and that they can move on. We are human and we make mistakes. This is not about talking about the past, it is about understanding the present and do our best to move forward”. We remember that, although he will not be able to attend the Academy Awards in the next ten years, he will be eligible for nominations.

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