The imposing car that added dollars to Denzel Washington’s estate

Denzel Washington has an amazing collection of cars, although an impressive acquisition for its time, it made him more of a millionaire. We show you below…

Denzel Washington became a reference for the world of Hollywood cinema, standing out in various action and suspense films, winning the Oscar in productions such as “Times of glory” and “Training day”, where he played Sergeant Alonzo Harris achieving victory in the category as best actor.

Obviously, his career is full of innumerable recognitions, stages that have positioned him publicly and as a consequence increased his fortune, which according to sources from international entertainment, his estate is estimated at about 220 million dollars.

Now, each win gives him the opportunity to buy several luxury cars of various styles ranging from sports to sophisticated, of which there is one that was his great favorite and that added thousands to his millionaire bank account.

The actor, sold at auction to his imposing Porsche 911 Turbo from 1997 black colour, one of the most striking and distinguished classics of its timewhich features functionality in six cylinders, six-speed transmission, upholstered seats, has climate control, air conditioning, top speed of 280km/h and added a set of tools among other unique details.

The star of “The Justiciero”, He found a buyer who took it for $405,000, thereby adding to his millionaire estate. and later search for another car of your choice or enhance the fleet you have in your incredible garage.

Photo: Actor’s 1997 Porsche 911 Turbo

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