The ideal beauty routine for the summer according to Selena Gomez

Summer requires more care even with the beauty routine and Selena Gomez, via TikTok, showed what hers is.

Passionate about skincare: the advice to better face the summer comes from Selena Gomez. The actress of Only Murders in the Building has always been a great supporter of beauty secrets which, however, she rattles off with ease on social media, especially via TikTok. In view of the hottest season, the actress took a vacation in Italy and wowed fans with some shots in the waters of Capri.

Credits: Selena Gomez / Instagram

Icon of body positivitySelena Gomez launched an important message via TikTok while sporting the swimsuit at the beach: “I can’t hold my breath… real stomachs are back in fashion“, The actress mimes with slight irony as she brushes her belly. And it is always via social media that she talked about the products she uses for the summer beauty routine.

Selena Gomez and tips for a flawless summer beauty routine

Having founded a beauty brand – Rare Beauty – Selena Gomez is well aware that she has a strong influence on her followers when she talks about beauty goodies. Many hang from her lips, ready to emulate her face with a fresh effect. But what is her secret? The actress of Only Murders in the Building he did not create an aura of mystery and, indeed, he promptly shared some tips to better face the summer.

Selena Gomez
Credits: Selena Gomez / Instagram

Considering that the skin of the face and body is severely exposed to the incessant heat of the last few weeks, the first step to refer to is hydration: Moisturizers and plenty of water should be your mantra. But Selena Gomez said that, to better face each day, she starts from one eye mask to minimize dark circles. Then switch to a face moisturizer. As for her hair, after her shower the actress prefers to wrap it in a bath towel, after which she pampers it with a Unite spray that detangles and nourishes the hair, making it more voluminous and luminous. According to the buyers, as People reports, this product is sometimes considered miraculous, especially after a day spent at the beach.

Selena Gomez
Credits: Selena Gomez / Instagram

After brushing her hair, Selena Gomez ties it into a tight bun. The actress indulges in a generous coat of moisturizer with argan oil and Hawaiian white honey that gives more shine to damaged strands. Selena Gomez takes care of the rest of the body with moisturizer using the Brazilian Bum Bum Body from Sol de Janeiro. She finishes her morning routine with a nude effect lip balm and sets her eyebrows.


Morning routine before make up! @Rare Beauty

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