The DC universe will change with ‘Black Adam’: Dwayne Johnson

Everything had been very well planned. When Warner Bros. organized the presentation of the best trailers at Cinemacon in Las Vegas, Dwayne Johnson he had prepared a joke for the owners of the most important movie theaters in the world. Appearing on the big screen, against the background of a beach in Hawaii, in a filmed message she apologized for not being able to be with them, preferring to spend more time with her family. He, but he had filmed that same message, live, from the door of the Casino, and he was even more surprising when he personally appeared in the corridors, greeting the people who applauded him. But the surprise ended up receiving “rock”, when, without knowing it at all, at the end of the presentation they gave him the award cinemacon to the Entertainment Icon of the Decade. And he came at the perfect time, when he continues to entertain audiences of all ages, as the voice of Superman’s dog in “Super Pets“and the real superhero of DC Comics”Black Adam”.

-Have you ever really thought about staying in Hawaii with your family instead of surprising the movie theater owners who gathered in Las Vegas with a visit?-


“I couldn’t miss it. It is a very important moment in our business, you feel the energy, you feel the takeoff that is taking place in movie theaters, especially with the arrival of summer and the end of the year, with great fun successes that can lead to great Profits to all”.

-Among so many movie theaters, would you have a favorite one that keeps your own experiences, beyond fame?-

“Yes, the team. cinemark, with a room in South Florida. I think it is the one that also collects the most out there. And I carry it in my heart, because I lived in it South Florida for many years, more than 20 for sure, because he had gone to the University of miamYo”.


– Did you ever come back since then?”

“Yes, but there is still a much better story with that room, with my mother. She is the biggest fan I have and she loves going to the movies. She’s been given free passes for years. And every time you go to see something that isn’t mine, there are often my posters at the entrance. I remember what she did with ‘Moana’or something like that: she usually goes looking for the manager of Cinemark, to say ‘Hello, I’m the mother of ‘rock‘. Of course they welcome her, happy to see her and she asks them “Could you take my son’s poster with me?” (Laughter) And it’s something she did many times. Movie theaters were always good to my mother and my familyeven before they knew they were my family.”

Adding more than 12 billion dollars in collections, Dwayne Johnson is one of the best allies of movie theaters. From that first step in the cinema with ‘The Mummy Returns‘, when he broke the record for an actor’s debut by charging $5.5 million to star in his own story with the same character in “The Skorpion King”, later raising 165 million. It was the time when action cinema seemed to have lost its stars. arnold schwarzenegger Y Sylvester Stallone. But he managed to replace them, bringing to the cinema the fans who followed him in his wrestling championships, even leaving behind the nickname of “The rock”, so that they call him by his real name (After all, if people learned to spell the name Schwarzenegger, we may as well write Dwayne). The best demo wasG.I. Joe Retaliation”, “San Andreas” and “Hercules”.


$!The actor voices Krypto, Superman's dog.

The actor gives voice to Krypto, Superman’s dog.

With “Fast and Furious” even followed suit from that beginning, after grossing $1 billion with “Furious 7,” in addition to the separate story of “Hobbs&Shaw” which raised the same as “Furious 9”, also lighting up an internal fight with Vin Diesel along the way, to disappear in “Furious 10”. Proving that he can create his own action saga, Johnson dHe left two versions of “Jumanji” with 1.7 billion in collections along the way, capturing at the same time the children’s audience of Disney with the voice of Maui in “Moana” and the newest “Jungle Cruise”, before now entering the superhero universe with “Super Pets” and “Black adam”.

-Being such an important ‘movie star’, do you feel the responsibility of recovering cinema in a real theater with a giant screen, in the face of the obvious competition from streaming platforms?-

“Sure. And it’s something that feels good today. I feel like we found the groove again, we’re all coming back. You know, the covid hit us badly, in the distribution chains, with a certain dysfunction that feels like it has come to an end. We are working on that. I have my own production company Seven Bucks Productions, and we are reinvesting to bring the experience back to theaters with two major productions like ‘Super Pets‘ and ‘Black Adam’. And we’re going to do everything we can to bring people back to the movies with us, like before.”

There is no doubt that the world of superheroes is the one that attracts the most viewers to movie theaters. And in that sense, “rock” features its own action superpowers, twice. Becoming the new superhero “Black Adam” from DC Comics, Dwayne Johnson also has a lot to do with Superman, behind the voice of the dog cryptoin the cartoon “Ssuper pets”.

And although he does not appear in the dubbing of the voice in Spanish, being the true producer of “Super Pets”, Johnson is behind the cartoon performance of Krypto, Superman’s superdog, sharing the same superpowers. And when he finds out League of Justice is kidnapped, is the very crypto who has to convince the gang of superhero animals to perfect their own superpowers in a “animated” mission rescue.

-Beyond being behind the English voice of Superman’s dog in ‘Super Pets’, as a producer, did you have something to do with the choice of the voices of other famous actors such as Keanu Reeves, Kevin Hart, John Krasinski and even the Latin representation of Diego Luna?-

“Yes. The rest of the cast is fabulous and I think we have a great opportunity with ‘Super Pets‘, because if we analyze it for a minute, the concept took us quite a long time to develop and finally we can release it thanks to Warner Y DC Comics. We are talking about the mascots of the Justice League, Justice League. I am behind crypto, Superman’s dog, and the rest of the actors are tremendous. Each one of them was arriving with his own, to add something special. As a film production, it’s beautiful, it’s very cool. People are going to want to see it in the cinema, with the family, all over the world. They will see the chemistry we have with KevinHart, which is still my third child (laughs). That dynamic, that we have with Kevin, is seen throughout the entire movie. And it’s something that excites us all.”

$! Dwayne Johnson took ten years to crystallize the “Black Adam” project.

Dwayne Johnson took ten years to crystallize the “Black Adam” project.

-And what is different about the other production with the new superhero ‘Black Adam’?-

“It is something that we have to contextualize in our heads: where there is white, there is black, but there is also some gray. And based on the idea that superheroes don’t kill people, Black Adam He has his own style of doing justice. It is a way of going back to what I call the philosophy of Clint Eastwood in ‘dirty harry‘, which we want to implement”.

-Is it true that it took you ten years to develop the idea of ​​becoming Black Adam?-

“It is true, yes. Black Adam it’s been in my orbit since we started discussing the idea of ​​black and white, easily over ten years ago. had some conversations with Warner Bros., but we also agreed that if we were going to do it, we were going to take our time, to do it well. We didn’t want to rush into something like that. Back then, ten years ago, the business with the Superheros it was just taking off. And for obvious reasons, she turned a corner in terms of box office. It is something that also served us well while waiting, to also see so many other stories. Because as the different superheroes unfolded, it gave us the kick to create Black Adam with the story that we are going to tell now. It is a dream I always had. And it is a unique project, very different, because the inheritance of the power of the universe of DC Comicss is about to change with us.”

-What other celebrities and DC Comics characters appear in ‘Black Adam?-

“I am honored to announce that we have Pierce Brosnan in our film, where we introduce the JSA, the Justice Society of America (Justice Society of America), which was even before the Justice League, in terms of the mythology of the comics”.

-Among the movie stars, you must be the one who best remembers the admirers, marking a record that today appears in the Guiness Book when in just three minutes you took more than 100 selfies with your fans. On a professional level, Dwayne Johnson Do you consider yourself a faithful admirer of Dwayne Johnson?

“Sure, yes, but at the end of the day I am a human being who was very lucky. I really work very hard, but throughout all these years I was lucky. The cinema it’s a team effort, everyone has a critical role in everything they do. And I also feel that life moves at the speed of the relationships we have. And the people who stay by your side, who believe in your dream, supporting your vision. That’s why I feel so lucky to have built the career that I have. It’s great to have raised so many millions of dollars in the cinema, but the most important thing is that we were able to entertain people from all over the world. That is the most important. I feel lucky to be talented enough to be the one flying this spaceship. universebut I also have to confess that I consider myself smart enough to know what I need peoplegood people, also by my side”.

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