the controversial trend that triumphs in 2022

Photo credit: CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

Photo credit: CBS Photo Archive – Getty Images

For the first time in history, makeup trends they are determined by two groups as different as they are decisive. On the one hand, we find more classic proposals and, at all times, focused on achieving the most natural and, above all, flattering finishes. Proposals dictated by the functional and experienced group of ‘millennials’. On the other hand, we come across most innovative and revolutionary ideascourtesy of generation Z. Generation that has been proposed change set makeup codes and whose voice spreads throughout the planet thanks to platforms that can make them go viral, such as TikTok.

One of makeup trends with more presence this season is precisely his idea. We are actually talking about everything that refers to early 2000s or, as they call it, the ‘2YK’ style. One of these new ‘beauty’ gestures involves make up the eyebrows in a way as unexpected as controversial. And it is that, in addition to the coveted ‘soap brows’, discolored and/or extra-fine eyebrows are already fully immersed in the list of trends and Ariana Grande it’s just one more of the ‘celebrity’ field that finds them irresistible.

Ariana Grande wears the most trendy bleached eyebrows

If they told us two years ago that this type of eyebrows would be a trend in 2022 we wouldn’t have believed it. However, the most influential people of the moment have managed to gradually familiarize us with them. We talked about his powerful presence in the ‘feed’ of TikTok and Instagram, but also from the hand of ‘celebrities’ whose media impact has made them not go unnoticed.

Did you remember Kylie Jenner with the most ‘two thousand’ extra-fine eyebrows? Shortly after, both Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner -at the MET gala- went a step further and wore them as they wear the most, completely discolored. And that’s just what you just did Ariana Grande.

In this image, published by the singer, she appears in what appears to be a ‘shooting’ for REM Beauty, her makeup firm. In her, Ariana Grande surprises everyone because, despite showing off his makeup badgethis time he ditches his desired thick eyebrows in favor of a bleached platinum blonde. As we told you, one of the most powerful trends of the moment. Trend that, in case you didn’t know, contributes -among other things- to making the eyes look bigger.

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