The before and after of Ariana Grande shows the effect of her concealer

    Just when we thought we’d had enough makeup-free celebrity selfies (think Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian on Instagram), Ariana Grande has arrived to turn this duo into a trio by adding her glamorous natural photography. The more there are, the better!

    Last night, Ari shared on her Instagram story a set of ‘before and after’ images showing how well it works your brand new concealer rem, which has not yet gone on sale. We underline the following with a warning: we will be the first to add a dozen of this – apparently – miraculous product to the ‘online’ shopping cart (yes, in case you had any doubts, we confirm that the brand ships to Spain) . Two days left until it goes on sale, friends. The race has begun…

    But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at Ari’s transformation in his ‘before and after’:

    This is the before:

    Ariana Grande Posts Makeup-Free Photo In Set Of Before-And-After Snapshots

    Instagram / @arianagrande

    Note: How can it be so sweet?

    And here’s the after:

    ariana grande publishes before and after photos of her makeup with her brand's products

    Instagram / @arianagrande

    Resplendent, bright-eyed, luminous… all the good stuff, really.

    In the before shot, Ari shows off her beautiful natural skin in all its glory. Then, with just a tap on the screen, the singer has been transformed, sporting a semi-glamorous full make-up. *’Chef’s kiss’*.

    Now, if you need more proof (which I don’t know why you should, but just in case) that this concealer should be on your radar, rem beauty’s Instagram account has shared a video of her wearing it.

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    By blending the product with rem beauty’s own sponge (which is also about to be launched), the concealer seems to melt into the skin with ease. Oh, and don’t worry about the tone, because there are 60, yes, 60! Different shades to choose from.

    We’ll be right back, we’re going to put a countdown on our mobile…

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