The 8 steps of the million: the emotion of a retiree when winning the jackpot

Matilde, a retiree who participated in The 8 Million Steps, she could not control her nerves and her emotion when consecrating herself as the winner of the contest. “I’m shaking”, recognized the participant, who obtained the prize of one million pesos by answering the tiebreaker question by approximation.

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Guido Kaczka gave way to Carmen Barbieri to ask the defining question: How old is George Clooney? the jury fired, while the two finalists put on faces of suffering. “Fresh the years, he fulfilled them on May 6”, added the actress, while the participants wrote on their tablets the answers they considered most accurate.

“Carlos, do you have it? Matilda? Guido asked the finalists, who answered him affirmatively, with a resigned face.

Then, both contestants turned their blackboards, so it was seen that the pensioner had answered “61”, while the man preferred to write “68”.

Matilde wins the million

One of the two said the exact age”, declared Carmen, adding emotion to the definition. Finally, the capocomic revealed that Matilde had answered correctly, giving way to her happiness.

Matilde, you earned the million pesos! The host of the program announced, while the woman hugged her contestant. “I can’t believe it!”, exclaimed the winner.

The 8 million steps.  Photo: eltrece

The 8 million steps. Photo: eltrece

Matilde, 67 years old, retired, worked for 27 years in a business selling electrical materials, lives in Lomas de Zamora with her husband Roberto, they have been married for 44 years together, Matilde has a million pesos! Guido described.

now i’m shaking”, recognized the woman, and added, after Kaczka reminded her that she had won the million pesos: “No one takes it from me”.

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