The 15 most expensive clothing brands in the world

Most expensive clothing brands

06.08.2022 – 09:12 a.m. Updated 08.06.2022 – 09:42h

Luxury and exclusivity are the two terms that define the most famous haute couture brands in the world. And the price, of course. Some Tom Ford shoes for almost two million euros? Or one Yves Saint Lauren jacket for 370,000 euros? These are just some examples. If you want to browse and see which are the most expensive luxury items from high-end clothing brands, in this guide you can consult a selection of these products.

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Tom Ford

Tom Ford tops the list of the most expensive high-end clothing brands in the world. The reason? One of the iconic pieces that is worth nothing more and nothing less than two million dollars (almost two million euros), the diamond loafers. An item personalized by jeweler Jason Arasheben and worn by rapper and actor Nick Cannon for a television gala. In the following image you can see what these diamond-studded shoes look like.

Tom Ford Loafers

salvatore ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo started out in the world of fashion as a shoemaker. An origin that led him to fit great stars of the time such as Audrey Hepburn, Greta Garbo or Marilyn Monroe. Precisely, Monroe belonged to one of the most expensive items of the brand.

Some scarlet satin stilettos with rhinestone embellishments. They belonged to the collection of Marilyn Monroe and were auctioned for a whopping 47,000 euros.

Salvatore Ferragamo heeled shoe

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta is a Dominican fashion designer who has dressed Jacqueline Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama and Queen Sofia herself on numerous occasions. In addition to gala clothes, the designer counts among his creations some wedding dresses, this being one of the most expensive items in his collection. Specifically, the piece that Amal Clooney woreadorned with hand-sewn pearls, diamond rhinestones and lace finishes valued at 370,000 euros.

Mark Jacobs

The great luxury item of this brand is a Carolyn crocodile bag. A specimen valued at 37,000 euros with reptile skin design in purple tones.

Marc Jacobs bag


One of Burberry’s iconic garments is the trench coat. And precisely, one of the copies that belonged to the Audrey Hepburn collection was sold for almost 92,000 euros.

burberry trench coat

Along the same lines, although with distinctive touches, the brand designed a limited edition peacock feather trench coat worn by Anna Wintour and that is valued at 30,000 euros.

Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana designed an iconic red dress embellished with beads and studs in a limited edition and whose value was the highest in Net-a-Porter. It was sold for 31,000 euros.


The Italian firm reached the highest price of its entire collection with one of its iconic belts. Specifically, the Gucci Stuart Hughes belt patternvalued at almost 245,000 euros.

Gucci belt

Other of the most expensive items of this brand are some 18k gold and rock crystal earrings which were sold at auction for almost 75,000 euros.

Ralph Lauren

The well-known American brand Ralph Lauren came to design a purple label crocodile duffel bag valued at almost 25,000 euros.

Giorgio Armani

One of Giorgio Armani’s luxury items is a dress from the Armani Privé collection embellished with Swarovski crystals used by Cate Blanchett during the Oscars in 2007. Its value reached 245,000 euros.

Yves Saint-Laurent

One of the most luxurious pieces of the Yves Saint Laurent brand is a limited edition hand-embroidered Sunflower jacket. A tribute to Van Gogh that reached 120,000 euros.


Prada designed one of its luxury items in ostrich skin that is still selling today. Is he Brandy Top Handle V2 bag whose price reaches 10,000 euros. One of the models that is still for sale is the one you can see in the following image:

prada handbag


The brand created the bag Chanel Diamond with limited edition and decorated with diamonds and 18-carat gold chain. An exclusive piece that reached 260,000 euros.

chanel bag


One of Versace’s most famous items is the The Face evening jacket, once owned by Elizabeth Taylor. The main feature of it is that it was embroidered with portraits of the actress in her most iconic moments. An exclusive piece valued at approximately 125,000 euros.

Christian Dior

Haute couture dress worn by Nicole Kidman at the 1997 Oscars. A true jewel of the brand that was sold for almost two million euros.

Louis Vuitton

We end the list with a luxury item that will surely surprise you. In this case, the Louis Vuitton brand has designed a teddy bear, which you can see in the following image and which is valued at no less than 2 million euros.

Louis Vuitton teddy bear

The brands with the largest capitalization

In addition to the most expensive clothing brands, here you can check the brands with the highest turnover in 2022. That is, the ones that have sold the most this last year.

Brand Billing
Louis Vuitton 310 billion
Dior 68 billion
Hermes 16 billion
gucci 15 billion
chanell 13 billion
H&M 12 billion
Burberry 11 billion
prada 11 billion
Ralph Lauren 8 billion
Dolce and Gabbana 5 billion

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