Ten new items are gathering in Fortnite starting in October 2022!

Reinvent reality from October 2022! The anime legends pack It opens in physical stores on October 14 and in digital stores on October 22. This pack includes ten objects in totallike new skins for your favorite characters.

Items included in the Anime Legends Pack

Golden Equipment Midas Suit: roaming the streets and earning dough. (Includes an alternate style with a helmet.)

Gold Shock Backpacking Accessory: first gold, then security.

24K Katana Pickaxe: here comes the gold rush.

¡Midas golden equipment comes with the ability golden touch! With his suit, you will be able to apply a flat shaded gold wrap on your currently equipped weapon.

Fortnite Golden Gear Midas

Bounce Rox Outfit: everyone’s favorite mecha fighter!

Spinning Berry Backpacking Accessory: Bouncing Rox’s best friend!

Fireblade Peak: sharp and refreshing.

Fortnite Ricochet Rox

Ready Penny Outfit: she has never been caught off guard.

Backpacking accessory Small black bag: It has everything Penny needs.

Glinting Blade Pickaxe: golden, emblematic and original.

Fortnite Ready Penny

Go Kart Gesture: a walk around the little circuit.

Fortnite Lil' Kart Emote

The physical copies of the Anime Legends Pack will be available in stores for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. For their part, the digital copies they will be available in console stores or the Epic Games Store, and can be used on all Fortnite platforms. You can also start the digital purchase process by selecting the pack in the item shop. The Anime Legends pack will go on sale for €19.99 (VAT not included).

Prepare for the next encounter with new stylized gear!

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