Take a breath before seeing what Max looks like, Jennifer Lopez’s son who is spoiled by Ben Affleck

The talented, beautiful and successful Jennifer Lopez He has two children, the twins Emme Maribel Muñiz and his brother, Max. For several days now, the world has been talking about Emme, who at the age of 14 has already identified herself as a “non-binary” person, so she does not identify with either the masculine or feminine gender. Even recently, her mother used “elle” to talk about her daughter, which showed her strong support and unconditional accompaniment.

With a lower profile than Emme, there is also her brother Max (also 14 years old, of course). While Emme has already been encouraged to participate in musical numbers with Jennifer Lopez and is starting to take his first steps as a singer and artist, Max doesn’t get as much exposure. Although that does not mean that the teenager has participated in the last movie starring his mother, “Marry Me”. And, like his sister, Max also grew up and is no longer a child.

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