Taika Waititi invited Natalie Portman to new Star Wars movie

the filmmaker Taika Waititi recently addressed Natalie Portman in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’. Thanks to the good work of the actress and her good relationship with her, he invited her to participate in his next Star Wars movie, but he did not remember that she had already appeared in the franchise.

Natalie Portman brought Padmé Amidala to life in three different movies. She did it in Star Wars: Episode I-The Phantom Menace in 1999; Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, three years later; and Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, in 2005.

Meanwhile, Taika Waititi will join the Star Wars universe directing a movie which he is writing alongside Krysty Wilson-Cairns.

It was in an interview with Rolling Stone that the director said he was talking to Portman about his future plans when he made the proposal.

Natalie told me ‘what are you going to do now?’ And I said, ‘I’m trying to work on something Star Wars. Have you ever wanted to appear in a Star Wars movie?’, to which she replied ‘I’ve already appeared in Star Wars movies’. I forgot about those,” Waititi recalled with a laugh.

In addition to this curious anecdote, Waititi revealed how he managed to get Portman to appear in another Thor movie, bringing Thor back to life. Jane Foster.

I basically thought that a lot of fans missed Jane Foster and wanted to see her again. It seemed like the perfect opportunity, because the character was great in Jason Aaron’s version of Thor. It was not very difficult to convince her of it. She had never heard of that part of the comic, so I left her some comics,” she added.

Little information is known about the film. by Taika Waititi from Star Wars. What is known is that it will be the next film in the saga to hit theaters.


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