Slow but sure! Mile Vergara recovers after suffering cerebral ischemia | entertainment

Mile Vergara, actress, singer and presenter, known for her participation in several

series and television programs, Through her Instagram account, she shared with her followers the immense joy she feels when she is discharged from the hospital.

The Barranquilla actress suffered cerebral ischemia two months ago, which caused half of his body to remained completely immobile and proceeded to carry out a strict and cautious treatment with all the support of specialists.

In one of the posts on his Instagram account, he makes two videos with his son, stating that he is much better and attaches a photograph with a cigarette in his hand, leaving a very direct message full of encouragement to his followers.

“Hello my beautiful loves, I come to greet you with my son José. The one who looks like my dad, fucks me, scolds me and won’t let me smoke a cigarette. It doesn’t even let me ca%$! In peace. We love you so much, I already feel better. So get ready because from here to Hollywood to be Sofia Vergara’s mom,” she wrote in the post’s description.

In the videos the actress gave a few short words, because his voice was a little tired, but his face showed joy to be back home.

“Kisses to all the people who helped me, who were present, because there were more than 3 thousand people who were present with my illness”Mile Vergara said.

In a second post where shared a photo gallery, he is seen in a wheelchair, The actress stated that she is in a detoxification treatment and that she is progressively reducing the consumption of cigarettes and black drinks.

“Hello loved ones, here I am getting better from the slap that the one above gave me. Thank you For all your messages I have felt very loved and that heals me, a kiss for all! Which photo did you like the most? I am reading it loved ones, ”she wrote next to the publication on her Instagram account Vergara.

In the social network, Mile received a lot of feedback from various insiders and his followers, where they showed her all their support and left her with a lot of encouragement to see her again doing what she likes the most.

“Your energy keeps me and that joy intact”, “That’s right, she will continue to be our pride, my favorite singer. She sent you a big hug dear Mile ”,“ Glad you are better ”,“You are beautiful. Come on, follow that everything is possible. We love you”, they wrote in the actress’s publications.

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