“She wasn’t breathing and she hardly smiled”: Camila Cabello recounts the pressure she felt when the paparazzi followed her on the beach

Media pressure ends up taking its toll. Camila Cabello has commented on this on several occasions. This is not the first time that she talks about how harmful it is for her mental health to being constantly exposed to public scrutiny.

The need to always look perfect, arranged and spotless so as not to leave disadvantaged on camera, it feels like torture.

Can’t help but feel watched and pressured when the paparazzi go looking for him. It doesn’t matter where he is: on the street, in an airport… But where he has the worst time is on the beach. That the cameras can highlight any part of his body and then turn it into the object of criticism is a fear that he cannot avoid.

“Every time I’ve been to the beach in Miami I’ve been sneakily photographed in a bikini and I have felt super vulnerable and unprepared: I have used bathing suits that were too small and attached to the body,” he began in his text.

She goes on to reason about the despair she feels when she realizes that these insecurities stem from the imposed standards of beauty with which she has inevitably grown up.

Movies, television and pop culture have been complicit in spreading and perpetuating this culture of perfection. She has not felt safe on the beach since 2016the year in which he decided to start his career outside the girl band Fifth Harmony.

“After, I saw the photos on the Internet and the comments bothered me a lot. I remember how shocked I was to realize that I was thinking about the culture of other people’s thoughts and not my own. A culture that has become so accustomed to an image of what a woman’s body should be, that it is completely false to many women,” she said.

Camila herself regrets having imposed on itself a series of restrictions to achieve that perfect body that no one would criticize, but these limitations have only served to lament how internalized this aesthetic was. “Photoshop, restrictive eating, over-exercisingchoice of angles that make our bodies look different than they are at that moment or in their natural state and form, when we breathe deeply, when we eat, when we allow ourselves to be who we are, “he continued in his story.

“I held my breath so hard my abs hurt”

“I knew it was basically going to be a photo shoot. I held my breath so hard, my abs hurt.. He wasn’t breathing and he barely smiled, being aware of where the ‘paparazzi’ were. I couldn’t just let go and relax, do what we’re supposed to do when we go out in nature. I tried to pretend they weren’t there but I couldn’t and I held my breath from the lounger,” she wrote in a text that she has shared on her Instagram account.

The artist just wants to enjoy a quiet day of sun and sea without having to be aware of whether they are watching her or not. Back to childhood, when there were no hang-ups or criticism to worry about.

“All therapy, all the inner work is trying to get back to feeling like i’m 7 on the beach. I am in mourning for her today. Happy, silly, breathing, pretending to be a mermaid, FREE”, she finished.

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