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DC has presented its panel with a delivered Dwayne Johnson, but with few surprises.

The DC panel, moderated by tiffany smithhas had a somewhat poor pace. Warner came out on top, as expected, with the stars of his next films but there has been a lack of any real bombshell that would fill the headlines and make the fans salivate. Without further delay, everything that this panel has given of itself will be unraveled below:

Shazam: Fury of the Gods

Zachary Levi literally emerged from the stage as the great star of this film.

It was not long until they presented a small clip and, later, the first trailer for Shazam: The Fury of the Gods

As can be seen, the tone of the original has been maintained, although with an even larger scale. And be careful with the references and with those shots taken from the films directed by Zack Snyder. Y yes, it’s Eminem. Venom Setting trend…

Then the rest of the cast joined. Asher Angell (Billy Batson) indicated, in turn, that in this film “they would bring the Adam”. He interprets himself as one wants... Those who could not be in person were Rachel Zegler and Hellen Mirren. The British actress who delighted the public with comments indicating that they were very happy to be there. And she claimed female power with an explicit “pussy power!”. Those words shocked even Levi himself. He stated that the villains, along with Lucy LiuThey are The Daughters of Atlas.

However, the atmosphere was crushed with the confirmation that, for the moment, there will be no confrontation with Superman, as the protagonist implied. But there is hope: David F. Sandberg was asked if there would be a major character cameo and the director indicated that there are many things in the film, without specifying for not spoiling.

But it was hinted that there is a good chance there will be a third installment if this movie works out.

That’s all he gave of himself all about Shazam: Fury of the Gods. Of course, Lucy Liu said goodbye in a spectacular way, after the selfie of rigor


The film will hit theaters on December 21.

Black Adam

The second half of the presentation was focused on Black Adam. It started with a bang: with smoke, sounds and images of thunder and with Dwayne Johnsonin the Black Adam suit, descending from the heavens onto the stage. These guys really know how to put on a show…

Then the director, Jaume Collet-Serra, appeared on stage, who indicated that the film was completely closed yesterday. The director defines the character as Dirty Harry, a rebel trying to clean up a broken and corrupt system. There was a lot of emphasis that this movie wants to open a new era for the DCU, build a new mythology.

As soon as the rest of the cast came to the fore, Dwayne took the opportunity to change his suit jokingly: “I heard that Black Adam was around here.”

They soon asked him if there would be a confrontation against Superman, something that the actor has requested on more than one occasion. Like Levi, he’s been pretty cryptic: “It depends on who’s playing it.”

Right after, they showed the following images, which give a clearer example of the spectacular scale of this proposal. The unexpected presence of Amanda Waller in the film was confirmed:

Black Adam It will hit theaters on October 21.

And that is all that the DC film panel has given. Although it was well known that neither Aquaman and the Fallen Kingdom neither Flash were going to be present at the panel, due to the problematic behaviors of Ezra Miller and the controversy of a certain trial with Amber Heard, there have been no surprises. Not even the rumored appearance of henry cavill. The general feeling is one of disappointment (although it is fair to say that it is more due to the expectations of the fandom than to its own Warner, which has stuck to giving what it promised). Maybe next time…

The Sandman

An exclusive panel has had The Sandmanwith Neil Gaiman, Allan Heinberg and the cast to the head.

It explained how the casting process was. For Morpheus, more than 1000 possible interpreters were reviewed until they found Tom Sturridge. The interpreter was reading the comic for months until he blended in with it. Easier were other cases… Gwendolyne Christie, as Lucifer (whom they have tried to keep the Bowie look that initially inspired the character), was a clear choice for Gaiman. Jenna Coleman (Constantine) was selected for her connections to Doctor Who Y Manson Alexander Park (Wish), who has indicated that this is the definitive story of brotherly rivalry, tweeted Gaiman to get the part. While patton oswalt was selected to tone down and add humor.

It has been explained that the integrity of the original material has been maintained and respected at all times and that the streaming It has been the only way to achieve those goals. The structure that will follow was also indicated: the eighth number of the comic, where things of great importance happen, will be the sixth episode of the 10 that make up the production of the series.

One of the surprises is that Dave Mckean, cover artist of the original series, is the designer of the credits of each and every one of the episodes. And each of them will be different.

Some clips were shown, such as one in which Johanna Constantine faces a demon, which were left for the public attending the event. Not so with the following trailer and poster:

To say goodbye, Gaiman has given the public a mission: spread the word and make this comic known.

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