Selena Gomez’s body positive statement on TikTok

    In addition to sharing videos putting the trends that triumph among generation Zgive details of your beauty routine or share inspiring looksSelena Gómez has also found in TikTok a good ally to claim causes as important as the beauty of real bodies.

    If just a few months ago he published a short clip in which he defended his body against the amount of criticism received from the hatersand quickly managed to go viral, this week Gómez has done the same with a new video that has become a great plea for the body positive, a movement that the interpreter has championed for years.

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    The singer, actress and businesswoman has shared a clip in the video app in which we can see her lying on a boat in a bathing suit and suddenly a voice in the background says “fuck it”, something that Selena refuses to do. “No, I’m going to hide nothing. the real bellies They’re back, okay?” He replies. A clear and concise answer that has revolutionized the platform and a large part of its fandom.

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    More than 3 million people have given like to the video in just 24 hours and there are more than 10,000 comments that we can read through it, all of them thanking Selena Gómez, a fact that confirms the importance of this type of video among the public, especially young people. Because although in these last years there are many renowned faces that are joining this movement bodypositive, from Jamie Lee Curtis to Emma Thompson, Salma Hayek or Sara Sampaio, with the fundamental objective of normalizing that all bodies are valid and release the aesthetic pressure to which many people are subjected, especially young women, and break with the stereotypes that the fashion industry has been shaping for years or more recently reflect on social networks about idealized bodies, the road that remains to be traveled it’s still long.

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