‘Roblox’ removed the “Oof” sound of death – here’s how to get it back


The Roblox online gaming platform hosts a wealth of custom content and games created by its many users, making it a truly unique platform for young gamers to immerse themselves in. Although the platform originally launched in 2006, in recent years it has become popular with a younger audience, and the developers have continued to maintain a safe space for children to play.

There are many ways to customize your Roblox gaming experience within the game, such as changing the in-game death sound. How do you do that? Here’s a quick rundown of how to do it on your own.

Source: Roblox via Twitter The developers of ‘Roblox’ removed the original death sound.

In late July, the Roblox developers announced some of the changes made to the game in recent updates, including the removal of the previous sound the game would make when players died.

“Due to a licensing issue, we have removed the ‘oof’ sound from Roblox and created a replacement default sound that launches today,” the developers wrote in the Twitter thread. “We plan to expand our avatar store with a wide range of old and new sounds in the future. More to come on this.”

Previously, if a player died in a game, they would hear an “oof” when notified that their character had died. Now when a player dies in a game, a completely different noise is played, and not all players are fans of it.

It appears that in the future, players will be able to customize their death sound with those purchased from the Avatar Shop, though at this time there are no additional sounds that can be purchased and used. But is there another way to change the sound of death?

How to change your death sound in ‘Roblox’.

While there are no new sounds available in the Avatar store yet to customize your Roblox character’s death, thankfully, there are plenty of players who have been tweaking this aspect of the game for years, so there are a few ways to add your own. Custom death sound.

To change the sound of death in your personal Roblox game, follow these steps:

Find and download the sound you want to replace the sound of death with. Rename that sound to “ouch” Open your Windows menu and search for “%AppData%” to open the app data folder on your computer. Select the folder titled “Local” Scroll down to “Roblox”Scroll down and select “Versions”Choose one of the folders inside the “Versions” folder (it doesn’t matter which one)Select the “Content” folderSelect the “Sounds” folder »Delete the sound labeled “ouch” from the » “Sounds” folder Drag and drop your new “ouch” sound into the folder

This will only change the sound in your own version of the game, so others won’t be able to hear your new death sound, but you can even import the original “oof” back into the game if you prefer.

If you don’t want to go through all these hoops, you can wait until the developers release more sounds and buy them from the Avatar Shop as they arrive. It’s unclear when these sounds will be released, but they are likely planned for an update coming to the platform in the near future.


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